The table below is what we would like to do ideally.

We know that it will change and you will be able to get the real itinerary in the blog section.


Date City Country
5-Sep-11 London UK
6-Sep-11 Beijing China
7-Sep-11 Beijing China
8-Sep-11 Beijing China
9-Sep-11 Datong China
10-Sep-11 Xi’an China
11-Sep-11 Luoyang China
12-Sep-11 Luoyang China
13-Sep-11 Shanghai China
14-Sep-11 Shanghai China
15-Sep-11 Shanghai China
16-Sep-11 Shanghai China
17-Sep-11 Train China
18-Sep-11 Guangzhou China
19-Sep-11 Guilin China
20-Sep-11 Guilin China
21-Sep-11 Yangshuo China
22-Sep-11 Yangshuo China
23-Sep-11 Ping An China
24-Sep-11 Liuzhou China
25-Sep-11 Guiyang China
26-Sep-11 Kunming China
27-Sep-11 Sa Pa Vietnam
28-Sep-11 Hanoi Vietnam
29-Sep-11 Hanoi Vietnam
30-Sep-11 Hanoi Vietnam
1-Oct-11 Ha Long Bay Vietnam
2-Oct-11 Hanoi Vietnam
3-Oct-11 Hue Vietnam
4-Oct-11 Hoi An Vietnam
5-Oct-11 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
6-Oct-11 Mekong Vietnam
7-Oct-11 Mekong Vietnam
8-Oct-11 Mekong Vietnam
9-Oct-11 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
10-Oct-11 Kep Cambodia
11-Oct-11 Kep Cambodia
12-Oct-11 Phnom Penh Cambodia
13-Oct-11 Phnom Penh Cambodia
14-Oct-11 Phnom Penh Cambodia
15-Oct-11 Siem Reap Cambodia
16-Oct-11 Angkor Cambodia
17-Oct-11 Angkor Cambodia
18-Oct-11 Siem Reap Cambodia
19-Oct-11 Kratie Cambodia
20-Oct-11 Stung Treng Cambodia
21-Oct-11 Pakxe Laos
22-Oct-11 Pakxe Laos
23-Oct-11 Savannakhet Laos
24-Oct-11 Vientiane Laos
25-Oct-11 Vientiane Laos
26-Oct-11 Louang Phabang Laos
27-Oct-11 Louang Phabang Laos
28-Oct-11 Louang Phabang Laos
29-Oct-11 Cruise Laos
30-Oct-11 Cruise Laos
31-Oct-11 Chiang Saen Thailand
1-Nov-11 Chiang Mai Thailand
2-Nov-11 Chiang Mai Thailand
3-Nov-11 Sukhotai Thailand
4-Nov-11 Ayutthaya Thailand
5-Nov-11 Bangkok Thailand
6-Nov-11 Krabi Thailand
7-Nov-11 Ko Lanta Thailand
8-Nov-11 Ko Lanta Thailand
9-Nov-11 Bangkok Thailand
10-Nov-11 Bangkok Thailand
11-Nov-11 Bangkok Thailand
12-Nov-11 Kathmandu Nepal
13-Nov-11 Kathmandu Nepal
14-Nov-11 Kathmandu Nepal
15-Nov-11 Pokhara Nepal
16-Nov-11 Pokhara Nepal
17-Nov-11 Pokhara Nepal
18-Nov-11 Pokhara Nepal
19-Nov-11 Pokhara Nepal
20-Nov-11 Pokhara Nepal
21-Nov-11 Pokhara Nepal
22-Nov-11 Sonauli Nepal
23-Nov-11 Gorakhpur India
24-Nov-11 Varanasi India
25-Nov-11 Varanasi India
26-Nov-11 Varanasi India
27-Nov-11 Agra India
28-Nov-11 Delhi India
29-Nov-11 Delhi India
30-Nov-11 Delhi India
1-Dec-11 Jaipur India
2-Dec-11 Jaipur India
3-Dec-11 Jaisalmer India
4-Dec-11 Jaisalmer India
5-Dec-11 Jodhpur India
6-Dec-11 Jodhpur India
7-Dec-11 Udaipur India
8-Dec-11 Udaipur India
9-Dec-11 Udaipur India
10-Dec-11 Train India
11-Dec-11 Aurangabad India
12-Dec-11 Aurangabad India
13-Dec-11 Mumbai India
14-Dec-11 Mumbai India
15-Dec-11 Mumbai India
16-Dec-11 Goa India
17-Dec-11 Panaji India
18-Dec-11 Agonda India
19-Dec-11 Hampi India
20-Dec-11 Hampi India
21-Dec-11 Hampi India
22-Dec-11 Kochi India
23-Dec-11 Kochi India
24-Dec-11 Allepey India
25-Dec-11 Allepey India
26-Dec-11 Allepey India
27-Dec-11 Allepey India
28-Dec-11 Madurai India
29-Dec-11 Madurai India
30-Dec-11 Unawatuna Sri Lanka
31-Dec-11 Unawatuna Sri Lanka
1-Jan-12 Kataragama Sri Lanka
2-Jan-12 Kataragama Sri Lanka
3-Jan-12 Kataragama Sri Lanka
4-Jan-12 Ohiya Sri Lanka
5-Jan-12 Dalhousie Sri Lanka
6-Jan-12 Dalhousie Sri Lanka
7-Jan-12 Kandy Sri Lanka
8-Jan-12 Kegalle Sri Lanka
9-Jan-12 Kegalle Sri Lanka
10-Jan-12 Colombo Sri Lanka
11-Jan-12 Colombo Sri Lanka
12-Jan-12 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
13-Jan-12 Manila Philippines
14-Jan-12 Kalibo Philippines
15-Jan-12 Kalibo Philippines
16-Jan-12 Kalibo Philippines
17-Jan-12 Bohol Philippines
18-Jan-12 Bohol Philippines
19-Jan-12 Bohol Philippines
20-Jan-12 Manila Philippines
21-Jan-12 Banaue Philippines
22-Jan-12 Batad Philippines
23-Jan-12 Banaue Philippines
24-Jan-12 Manila Philippines
25-Jan-12 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
26-Jan-12 Melaka Malaysia
27-Jan-12 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
28-Jan-12 Taman Negara Malaysia
29-Jan-12 Kuala Tahan Malaysia
30-Jan-12 Cameron Highlands Malaysia
31-Jan-12 Cameron Highlands Malaysia
1-Feb-12 Penang Malaysia
2-Feb-12 Medan Indonesia
3-Feb-12 Bukit Lawang Indonesia
4-Feb-12 Bukit Lawang Indonesia
5-Feb-12 Medan Indonesia
6-Feb-12 Medan Indonesia
7-Feb-12 Bandung Indonesia
8-Feb-12 Yogyakarta Indonesia
9-Feb-12 Yogyakarta Indonesia
10-Feb-12 Yogyakarta Indonesia
11-Feb-12 Malang Indonesia
12-Feb-12 Cemoro Lawang Indonesia
13-Feb-12 Probolinggo Indonesia
14-Feb-12 Kawah Ijen Indonesia
15-Feb-12 Banyuwangi Indonesia
16-Feb-12 Ubud Indonesia
17-Feb-12 Ubud Indonesia
18-Feb-12 Ubud Indonesia
19-Feb-12 Sanur Indonesia
20-Feb-12 Sanur Indonesia
21-Feb-12 Sanur Indonesia
22-Feb-12 Sanur Indonesia
23-Feb-12 Singapore Singapore
24-Feb-12 Singapore Singapore
25-Feb-12 Singapore Singapore
26-Feb-12 Sydney Australia
27-Feb-12 Sydney Australia
28-Feb-12 Sydney Australia
29-Feb-12 Sydney Australia
1-Mar-12 Sydney Australia
2-Mar-12 Santiago Chile
3-Mar-12 Santiago Chile
4-Mar-12 Valparaiso Chile
5-Mar-12 Valparaiso Chile
6-Mar-12 Valparaiso Chile
7-Mar-12 Mendoza Argentina
8-Mar-12 Mendoza Argentina
9-Mar-12 Mendoza Argentina
10-Mar-12 Mendoza Argentina
11-Mar-12 Mendoza Argentina
12-Mar-12 Mendoza Argentina
13-Mar-12 Bariloche Argentina
14-Mar-12 Bariloche Argentina
15-Mar-12 Bariloche Argentina
16-Mar-12 Bariloche Argentina
17-Mar-12 Perito Moreno Argentina
18-Mar-12 Perito Moreno Argentina
19-Mar-12 Perito Moreno Argentina
20-Mar-12 Perito Moreno Argentina
21-Mar-12 El Calafate Argentina
22-Mar-12 El Calafate Argentina
23-Mar-12 El Calafate Argentina
24-Mar-12 Puerto Natales Argentina
25-Mar-12 Argentina
26-Mar-12 Torres del Paine Chile
27-Mar-12 Torres del Paine Chile
28-Mar-12 Torres del Paine Chile
29-Mar-12 Torres del Paine Chile
30-Mar-12 Punta Arenas Chile
31-Mar-12 Rio Grande Argentina
1-Apr-12 Ushuaia Argentina
2-Apr-12 Ushuaia Argentina
3-Apr-12 Ushuaia Argentina
4-Apr-12 Ushuaia Argentina
5-Apr-12 Rio Grande Argentina
6-Apr-12 Rio Gallegos Argentina
7-Apr-12 Puerto San Julian Argentina
8-Apr-12 Trelew Argentina
9-Apr-12 Bahia Blanca Argentina
10-Apr-12 Buenos Aires Argentina
11-Apr-12 Buenos Aires Argentina
12-Apr-12 Buenos Aires Argentina
13-Apr-12 Colonia Uruguay
14-Apr-12 Montevideo Uruguay
15-Apr-12 Punta del Este Uruguay
16-Apr-12 Montevideo Uruguay
17-Apr-12 Puerto Iguazu Argentina
18-Apr-12 Puerto Iguazu Argentina
19-Apr-12 Ciudad del Este Paraguay
20-Apr-12 Iguazu Brazil
21-Apr-12 Curitiba Brazil
22-Apr-12 Sao Paulo Brazil
23-Apr-12 Sao Paulo Brazil
24-Apr-12 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
25-Apr-12 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
26-Apr-12 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
27-Apr-12 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
28-Apr-12 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
29-Apr-12 Sao Jao del Rei Brazil
30-Apr-12 Ouro Preto Brazil
1-May-12 Ouro Preto Brazil
2-May-12 Trancoso Brazil
3-May-12 Salvador Brazil
4-May-12 Salvador Brazil
5-May-12 Vitoria de Conquista Brazil
6-May-12 Uberlandia Brazil
7-May-12 Montes Carlos Brazil
8-May-12 Corumba Brazil
9-May-12 Corumba Brazil
10-May-12 Puerto Suarez Bolivia
11-May-12 Santa Cruz Bolivia
12-May-12 Camiri Bolivia
13-May-12 Sucre Bolivia
14-May-12 Sucre Bolivia
15-May-12 Challapata Bolivia
16-May-12 Uyuni Bolivia
17-May-12 Uyuni Bolivia
18-May-12 Oruro Bolivia
19-May-12 La Paz Bolivia
20-May-12 La Paz Bolivia
21-May-12 La Paz Bolivia
22-May-12 Copacabana Bolivia
23-May-12 Copacabana Bolivia
24-May-12 Puno Peru
25-May-12 Cusco Peru
26-May-12 Cusco Peru
27-May-12 Cusco Peru
28-May-12 Inca Trail Peru
29-May-12 Inca Trail Peru
30-May-12 Inca Trail Peru
31-May-12 Urubamba Peru
1-Jun-12 Nazca Peru
2-Jun-12 Lima Peru
3-Jun-12 Lima Peru
4-Jun-12 Huanchaco Peru
5-Jun-12 Piura Peru
6-Jun-12 Piura Peru
7-Jun-12 Tumbes Peru
8-Jun-12 Huaquillas Ecuador
9-Jun-12 Cuenca Ecuador
10-Jun-12 Cuenca Ecuador
11-Jun-12 Riobamba Ecuador
12-Jun-12 Cotopaxi Ecuador
13-Jun-12 Cotopaxi Ecuador
14-Jun-12 Quito Ecuador
15-Jun-12 Quito Ecuador
16-Jun-12 Otavalo Ecuador
17-Jun-12 Otavalo Ecuador
18-Jun-12 Popayan Colombia
19-Jun-12 Cali Colombia
20-Jun-12 Villa de Levya Colombia
21-Jun-12 Cartagena Colombia
22-Jun-12 Cartagena Colombia
23-Jun-12 Santa Marta Colombia
24-Jun-12 Santa Marta Colombia
25-Jun-12 Maico Colombia
26-Jun-12 Maracaibo Venezuela
27-Jun-12 Coro Venezuela
28-Jun-12 Caracas Venezuela
29-Jun-12 Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela
30-Jun-12 Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela
1-Jul-12 Caracas Venezuela
2-Jul-12 San Jose Costa Rica
3-Jul-12 San Jose Costa Rica
4-Jul-12 Monteverde Costa Rica
5-Jul-12 Monteverde Costa Rica
6-Jul-12 Monteverde Costa Rica
7-Jul-12 Monteverde Costa Rica
8-Jul-12 Liberia Costa Rica
9-Jul-12 Liberia Costa Rica
10-Jul-12 Liberia Costa Rica
11-Jul-12 La Cruz Costa Rica
12-Jul-12 San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
13-Jul-12 San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
14-Jul-12 Granada Nicaragua
15-Jul-12 Granada Nicaragua
16-Jul-12 Granada Nicaragua
17-Jul-12 Leon Nicaragua
18-Jul-12 Leon Nicaragua
19-Jul-12 Leon Nicaragua
20-Jul-12 Esteli Nicaragua
21-Jul-12 Danli Honduras
22-Jul-12 Tegucigalpa Honduras
23-Jul-12 Siguatepeque Honduras
24-Jul-12 San Pedro Sula Honduras
25-Jul-12 Santa Rosa de Copan Honduras
26-Jul-12 Copan Honduras
27-Jul-12 Chiquimula Guatemala
28-Jul-12 Monterrico Guatemala
29-Jul-12 Antigua Guatemala
30-Jul-12 Antigua Guatemala
31-Jul-12 Coban Guatemala
1-Aug-12 Flores Guatemala
2-Aug-12 Flores Guatemala
3-Aug-12 San Ignacio Belize
4-Aug-12 San Ignacio Belize
5-Aug-12 San Ignacio Belize
6-Aug-12 Belmopan Belize
7-Aug-12 Belize City Belize
8-Aug-12 Cayes Belize
9-Aug-12 Cayes Belize
10-Aug-12 Cayes Belize
11-Aug-12 Orange Walk Belize
12-Aug-12 Chetumal Mexico
13-Aug-12 Tulum Mexico
14-Aug-12 Valladolid Mexico
15-Aug-12 Valladodlid Mexico
16-Aug-12 Merida Mexico
17-Aug-12 Merida Mexico
18-Aug-12 Campeche Mexico
19-Aug-12 Villahermosa Mexico
20-Aug-12 Villahermosa Mexico
21-Aug-12 Palenque Mexico
22-Aug-12 San Cristobal de las Casas Mexico
23-Aug-12 Mazunte Mexico
24-Aug-12 Mazunte Mexico
25-Aug-12 Mazunte Mexico
26-Aug-12 Oaxaca Mexico
27-Aug-12 Oaxaca Mexico
28-Aug-12 Oaxaca Mexico
29-Aug-12 Veracruz Mexico
30-Aug-12 Paplanta Mexico
31-Aug-12 Mexico City Mexico
1-Sep-12 Mexico City Mexico
2-Sep-12 Mexico City Mexico
3-Sep-12 Mexico Mexico

  1. Michel
    1 October, 2011 at 2:59 am

    Bravo pour votre voyage, mais traverser des pays a un rythme si rapide en changeant de villes tous les jours vous risquez de rater beaucoup de choses qui font tout le charme d’un voyage, Avec un timing mois serre vous auriez pu attendre 2jours de plus que le typhon passe afin d’aller a Halong…et puis 2jrs sur 1an de voyage.

    • 1 October, 2011 at 3:12 am

      Merci pour votre commentaire. On aurait aimer rester mais nos billets de train étaient pris et nous avions réserve notre logement ainsi que des tours a Hue.

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