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Moving to France / Le déménagement

23 August, 2011 Leave a comment

Written by Julie

As promised, here is the post about the trip between London and Paris with the 10 bags. Well it was a good thing that I was over prepared. I took only 2 minutes to put all the bags in the taxi and only 30 minutes to get there. I actually arrived early and found a really nice ‘Information’ guy to help with the all the luggage. After checking the bags in, I was bag free for a couple of hours. At my arrival in London, it was also easy to get all the bags and put them on 2 trolleys. Getting the trolleys out was more difficult but I got there in the end. It was all going alright until the door of the van my mom hired opened on the motorway! It is all over now and our bags and boxes are locked in my mom’s barn.


En français:

Chose promise, chose due. Voici le post sur le déménagement. Je suis bien contente de m’être préparée pour ce jour. Ca n’a pris que 2 minutes pour charger tous les sacs dans le taxi et 30 minutes pour aller jusqu’à l’aéroport. Là-bas, j’ai trouvé une personne pour m’aider à pousser le deuxième chariot. Je suis arrivée à l’aéroport trop tôt donc j’ai dû attendre 20 minutes avec tous mes bagages avant de pouvoir les enregistrer. Une fois que c’était fait, j’ai pu passer la sécurité et attendre quelques heures avant d’embarquer. Après 1h30 de vol, je suis arrivée à Lyon sans encombre et j’ai réussi à récupérer tous les sacs plutôt vite. Tout allait bien et on arrivait à la maison quand on a découvert que la porte du van qu’on avait loué s’est ouverte sur l’autoroute! Tout est bien rangé maintenant dans la grange à La Flachère.

Enfin maintenant tout est fini

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Leaving Adecco

16 August, 2011 Leave a comment

Today I (Julie) finished work at Adecco after 4 years.

The day started well, I booked taxi to get to work as I was carrying heavy stuff. As I was getting the bags from the floor, my work trousers cracked right in front of the taxi driver so I quickly changed to the only pair of trousers left jeans. Then the taxi driver decides to take Piccadilly even if some road signs say ‘AVOID’. We spent 25 minutes which meant that I arrived at my last day of work late and wearing jeans….

The day got better when I discovered that my lovely colleagues wrapped my desk in newspaper and decorated the office with embarrassing photos of me stolen from my Facebook page! Have a look below….









They even had all the flags of the countries we are visiting in the order of visit!




As soon as I managed to sit down, I received a nice French breakfast: croissant et chocolat chaud.

And for lunch almost the whole team went to Vapiano for soma pasta, pizza and salads.

And before leaving, I received a giant ‘sorry you’re leaving card’ with an iTunes voucher and a new purse to replace my horrible, pierced, old one.

Thanks team! And thanks to the office fairies who spent time after hours decorating 😉

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Bags, bags, bags

15 August, 2011 Leave a comment

So this weekend, we have spent hours sorting our stuff in three categories: for charity, for storage, for the bin. At the end of the weekend, we were left with kilos of stuff that we wanted to keep: clothes, books, kitchen utensils, a 17-kilo Buddha head amongst other things.

The picture on the left is the result. 9 bags!

The good news is that we have found a place to store them for a year for free, thanks Mom. The bad bews: Julie has to take all 9 of them + 2 laptops on a plane to Lyon on 17th August, on her own!

We don’t even know how Julie will do between the house (ok a taxi to get there but then how do you push 3 trolleys with only 2 hands) and terminal 5 (ok a taxi to get there but then how do you push 3 trolleys with only 2 hands) and from the Lyon airport to the car!

Well, there are some solutions offered by the airports but at £8 a bag for 2 minutes of portage, we have chosen to not go for them…

Make sure you come back to our blog for the post AFTER the trip from hell!


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