If you are also planning a trip then maybe these pages might be useful.
A trip like the one we are undertaking takes time to prepare: money that you need to save, visas to obtain, doctors appointments, equipment to buy….

Below is our countdown. Have a look also at the subsections.

6 months before

  • Save, save, save
  • Browse plane tickets

Four months before

  • Buy plane tickets (we booked ours with Trailfinders, good service and good price)

Three months before

  • give notice at work (Julie’s notice was a month but she wanted to give them enough time to recruit)
  • buy equipment

Two months before

  • buy assurance (Julie got it from AVI International in France and Kwasi got it from insureandgo
  • talk to your bank to get a “Premier” card for more services and also ask for the “international option” to limit the fees 
  • buy more equipment
  • get Chinese visa (if you’re French you need to give a lot of documents – passport, application form, return ticket, accommodation bookings, itinerary)
  • get Australian visa 
  • get Vietnamese visa
  • sell furniture 

A month before

  • medical check-up (doctor, vaccination and dentist)
  • give notice for flat
  • buy more equipment
  • get the hosteling international discount card
  • cancel all utility bills (electricity, gas, water, landline phone, mobile phone, internet, TV)
  • give work clothes to charity

Two weeks before

  • visit friends and families (Julie went back to France for 2 weeks)
  • send a friend or member of family photocopies of important documents (passport, bank card, insurance policy…)
  • buy more equipment

One week before
  • check one last time you have all the documents
  • organise drinks with friends in London

Two days before
  • pack
  • give keys back to landlord
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