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Another weekend, another chore.

31 July, 2011 Leave a comment

Today, we scanned all of Kwasi’s CDs to sell them on music magpie. In total, the site accepted 159 CDs and Kwasi should get £79.95 back, better than nothing. And because we are selling more than 50 CDs they are going to send a courier to pick everything up, brilliant!




The rest of the CDs: rejected, empty ones or broken have ended up in the recycling bags.

Kwasi said: ‘It’s been emotional’.

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Goodbye Sam

24 July, 2011 Leave a comment

   9 months ago, we moved into our new flat in Shepherd’s Bush. At the same time, we bought a 50″ plasma screen. Today, we had to say      goodbye to what Kwasi described as “the best TV” ever. Sam (that’s its name) is the first piece of furniture that we are selling. That              means less thing to move back to France and more money to eat, sleep and travel.

We are still selling:

Don’t hesitate to contact Julie or Kwasi if you are interested.
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