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18th May 2014 – Le Cirque du Saint-Meme and Gorges du Fier

It’s 3 months to go till the celebration of our union, so Julie and I are in France (Haute-Savoie Region) to make preparations.


After sorting out the flowers and wine we will be having on our day, Julie, her mother and I spent the day doing two of the many hikes around this beautiful part of France.

Our first stop was Gorges du Fier, which is located South of beautiful Annecy. The walk is not for the faint hearted and certainly not for those who suffer from Vertigo.


I think I have passed my fear if heights to Julie or I have stopped being a Nu nush as the French would say.


The highest point of the walkway is 24 meters above the ground and the creaky wooden platform makes it a nerve wrecking walk. Julie was scared but she was not scared about falling but more worried about her sun glasses and engagement ring falling into this huge hole.

The walk takes 30 minutes. It’s not a tour so you would have to come back the same way. After the walk we had picnic in the area before the next hike.


We visited a nearby castle that had breathtaking views. I love this part of France (Haute-Savoie) because there is a lot of activities to be done, the weather is perfect. In the summer you have hikes and it’s very hot, during the winter it’s ski, snow boarding or raquette. With God willing, we will move here soon.


Afterwards we then drove an hour to Massif de la Chartreuse where our next hike was. It’s called Cirque de Saint-Meme which is located 900 meters above sea level.


The area is green, the little brook that runs through it is fresh, clean and a great site for families to have picnics.

The hike up wasn’t tasking and once at the top the view of the waterfall is great. The whole trek from start to finish should take 1.30hr but a few stops to take in the scenery is recommended.




I would definitely recommend doing this hike and also visiting this region for a week or two holiday in the summer. There a lots of campsites, great food and scenery to be taken in.