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11th October – 27th October 2013

Our vacation this year took us to Burma (Myanmar) for 2 weeks.

Play the 3 mins video we have created below to see the highlights of our trip.

Burma is like no other SouthEast Asian country, when you leave the big cities some places are relatively untouched. The people of Burma are the friendliest we have ever met on our travels.

Please visit Burma but try to avoid going on trips that provide funds to the current government.

Travelling in Burma Video

Our journey began in Mandalay then a 14hr journey on the bumpiest sleeper train ride to Mandalay. A few days were spent in Mandalay visiting Saigang, Amarapura, Mingun & Inwa.

After a few days here we went to the magical old capital called Bagan. Wish we had more time here as life was very hectic with some 3000 temples to see. An horse cart and an electric bike were the choice of transport we preferred.

A 6hr car journey was made to Lake Inle and after a few days here we took a night bus back to Yangon.

  1. 3 November, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Loving the video.

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