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28th January 2013 – What happened next??

After leaving Mexico on the 4th of August, Julie and I returned to France where we were looked after very well by her mother whilst we searched for jobs in London & France.


I would have loved to live in France so that I could improve my French but Julie loves London too much and she’s the boss. During our time in Chambery we cleaned the house and maintained her mums garden as a thank you.

After 3weeks in France, we made a trip to London for 5 days for a friends wedding and also attend job interviews we had arranged. We were both offered jobs and found ourselves a new flat during that week. We could not believe how lucky we had been, just incredible. It felt like a dream, very surreal.


We had a city break in New York City for Julie’s birthday in Dec where we visited her sister Camille and during our four day stay Julie accepted my proposal of marriage. We hope to get married in Bali in 2014.


What an incredible 2012 we have had. If some one had said, we would travel for 11 months, see 23 countries, within a month of coming back we would find a job each, find a flat in the same week and get engaged in NYC, I would have said they had been smoking something.


We are very lucky, happy and thank God for showing us such favours. It shows when you work hard, rely on your abilities and have a positive attitude to make things work for you, it would happen. Be prepared to work hard, Julie has been AMAZING and she has a lot great qualities. Such a hard worker and I call her Super Woman. Any parent, family, friend or future husband would be proud to have her in their lives.


Christmas was spent in London where Julie’s mother and two sisters came to stay with us. We were very happy for them to come and visit because within 3 months of our return we have made this empty flat to be a warm and peaceful home. We’ve been able to pay all of our debts, have our own place and not rely on anyone, how will we top 2012.


So far this year we have a few holidays planned. We are going to Berlin in Feb for a city break and India in march for the Holi festival. One of my very good Aussie friends is getting married to a French girl, so a trip to Nantes will be happening in Aug, we’ve been invited to a weekend in Provence which I hear is beautiful, we could be getting a Golden Retriever puppy and also a trip to Burma. We would also like to buy a house at some point. A lot to do but if we can make it through 2012, we will work hard to make 2013 great too.


So that’s it from us at the moment and we will update you later. Thanks for reading.

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  1. louise
    28 January, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    ca c’est dur résumé …avec bcp d ‘evenements et pas des moindres !!!

  2. Franois Davy Perso
    28 January, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    Very emotional and impressive post.

    Francois DAVY

  3. JK
    29 January, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Oh Kwasi, what a beautiful post. I totally agree that Julie is Super Woman and a hard worker and determined with her goals! So happy for you guys on your engagement and everything coming together again in London. xx

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