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22nd May – Travelling to Lima and a very expensive napkin for dinner

Woke up still on the Cruz del Sur bus from Arequipa to Lima. The bus travels by the sea but next to the sea are these crazy 15 to 20 metres of enormous sand dunes on the same stretch. It’s good to be back at sea level for a change and breathe normally, we will be going to the second highest capital city in the world in Ecuador so won’t be happy just yet.

We believe bingo could be a past time on a South American bus trip, I have to admit 8am was too early in the morning to be playing bingo, that was before breakfast. It wasn’t third time lucky for us but it’s ok as the prize draw was a bus ticket from Lima to Arequipa. We all had the animated film Puss Boots and Zookeeper on the bus which was surprisingly quite funny even though it was in Spanish.

At our arrival at the capital of Peru, we bought our next bus ticket to Trijullo northern Peru and from there we will cross to Ecuador.

Lima, also sometimes known as the city of kings was founded by Fransico Pizarro on 6th January 1536. It has a population of over 10 million and extremely polluted. Most tourists like us stay in the Miraflores commercial and residential region of Lima as there is an abundance of hostels and hotels. We stayed at the Pirwa hostal for $90 which is above our budget but we are in a capital city. We are in room 1, which has its own private bathroom, a double bed and a bunk bed. It’s clean but too noisy, couldn’t stay here more than one night.

Julie and I were really tired and didn’t want to do anything so after showering, we had lunch at McDonalds and then went back to the room and relaxed, we read, wrote blog, Spanish lessons and watched a film called Crazy Stupid Love. It’s not a bad film, funny.

Had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant called La Trattoria da Mambrino, watch out for the add ons. At face value it was a good price but once they start charging you for napkins, knife, spoon, complimentary bread, 18% tax and something called rec cons you know you are paying a fortune. It really annoyed me and the waiter had a cheek to ask for tips. I nearly gave him a tip but not in monetary terms. NEVER EVER EVER GO THERE

In my bad mood we went back to hostel. Julie wasn’t feeling well so she slept early whilst I watched a movie on my iPod. The cut off point for making noise is at 12pm so didn’t bother trying to sleep as the Israeli group next door were playing gangster rap and making a racket. At 12pm they stopped and i had some sleep.

En français:

Le nuit en bus s’est bien passée, j’ai dormi jusqu’à 8h30, et au réveil, on reçoit une grille de bingo. Décidément, ils aiment ça les Américains du Sud. Ensuite, on a droit a un petit déjeuner, pas terrible d’ailleurs.

Ils nous passent deux films dans la matinée “zookeeper” et “Puss in Boots” pour nous occuper jusqu’à l’arrivée à Lima.
Une fois à la gare routière, on récupère les bagages et on achète tout de suite nos billets pour Trujillo demain soir.
Ensuite, on prend un taxi jusqu’à notre auberge: Pirwa Hostel. On s’installe dans notre chambre et on profite de notre salle bain privée avec eau chaude.

Pour le déjeuner, on se rend dans le centre de Miraflores, le quartier de Lima dans lequel on se trouve. Ensuite, on se baladera un peu dans les alentours.

En fin d’après-midi, on retourne à l’auberge et on bouine, lit, fait de l’espagnol et on regarde le film “Crazy, Stupid Love”.
Et pour le dîner, on retourne dans le centre pour dîner dans un restaurant italien recommande par Ines et Charles. Je commande des penne aux crevettes et a la sauce tomate épicée et Kwasi une pizza au lomo. C’était vraiment très bon mais on a été très déçus par l’addition. Ils nous ont fait payé pour les couverts et les serviettes, deux taxes différentes et à la fin le serveur nous dit:”le service n’est pas inclus, pourboire s’il vous plaît”. On est partis sans rien donner de plus, c’est bien la première fois qu’on doit payer pour avoir le droit de manger dans des assiettes!

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