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24th April – Heading north to San Pedro de Atacama

We travelled to San Pedro de Atacama at midday but not before trying to stock up on food as the journey takes around 24 hours.

The bus was salon cama class which meant comfortable seats and good leg room, these things makes such journeys bearable. The man companies that do that route is Turbus (which we took) and Pullman bus.

We were given snacks at the start of the journey but 9 hours into it we were starving, the lady who sold us the ticket said there will be many opportunities to stop and get food but there was none until 11pm. At this point Julie was trying to sleep so I managed to get us a drink an a hot dog to eat.

At this point we had watched 4 movies on the bus, that’s also a great thing about these buses, they show films in English.

En français:

On se réveille vers 8h30 et le temps de prendre le petit déjeuner et de se doucher, on n’a pas le temps de faire un dernier tour dans Santiago comme on voulait donc on va directement au supermarché, car on nous a dit que c’était très cher à San Pedro de Atacama, notre prochaine destination.

On va à la gare en métro et à 12h20 on quitte Santiago pour 23 heures de bus.
Heureusement, ils nous passent plusieurs films et ils nous donnent à manger.

On a aussi plusieurs arrêts dans les grandes villes du Nord comme La Serena, Antofagasta etc…

Le repas est servi bien tard donc je le mets de côté car on avait grignoté entre temps.

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