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3rd April – Day two of trekking, glacier grey, pain and rain

Today was a very painful day, with yesterday’s aches, cramps and shoulders added to todays trek, I had to put my hand up and say that’s it.

It all started well, well kinda as I didn’t sleep too well and the amount of tea we drunk last night made me wanna pee in the middle of the night. As it was raining, cold and dark, I kept it in so it meant not sleeping well just incase I didn’t hold my bladder tight and peed myself.


When we got up the sky was blue, less clouds and it wasn’t raining, so we made some tea and Quaker oats to fill us up and keep us going strong the whole day. Our tent was 2 mins walk away from Mirador (watch point) to see the glacier. It was incredible and as I love my nature, i enjoyed viewing this, this what I call nature at its best, like the Iguazu falls, Himalayas or the coral reefs. You just cannot complain.


Once I was satisfied with what I had seen, we started trekking to our next stop Campaneto Italianos, where we shall stay for the night camping and the next day trek up for 2hr and 30 minutes to see the French Valley. This camp is at the centre point of the “w”.

The second day of any trek is always the painful and today was no different. Also the annoying about this trek is, you get to do what you did yesterday but in reverse, so no new scenery.The weather was beautiful and the wind was blowing in the right direction that at some point we had to run as we couldn’t walk because if it’s strength.


Julie did very well today but old man Kwasi was suffering, she kept encouraging me to push on and not give up. I kept getting cramps and also last night I couldn’t go into my sleeping bag without getting a cramp and the cramps happened throughout the whole night.

Had tuna and crackers for lunch under some shrubs in the cold wind and then carried on. From our camp to the Refugio Paine Grande its supposed to take 5 hrs but we did it in 4 hrs 10 mins.


The last bit of the trek was difficult for me. Shoulders were hurting but Julie treated me to dried fruits as a reward, they were amazing, love them and couldn’t wait to get back to Puerto Natales to buy some more.

The walk took us past two huge mountains, one had glaciers formed at the top and the melting bits at the mouth of the glacier made it into a waterfall and we drank from it, straight from the source, no pills to sterilise it. Just beautiful we can do that. Love nature.


Finally got to camp and the rain set it, got out of our wet clothes into dry and then made some pasta, whilst chatting to fellow campers who came in wet and complaining.

En français:

Bon, on n’a pas passe la meilleur nuit de notre vie: il a fait froid, le sol de la tente était mouillé, la paroi aussi, la terre est dure et surtout Kwasi est trop grand pour la tente!
Aussi, les litres de thé qu’on s’est enfilé avant de dormir pour nous réchauffer se faisaient bien sentir dans nos vessies.

On se réveille et retourne sous l’abri pour se changer et préparer nos flocons d’avoine à l’eau et du thé, encore du thé!


À 9h30, on est tout prêt à partir mais avant de reprendre la route, on décide d’aller jusqu’au point de vue sur le glacier. On a eu raison, il fait beau ce matin, on a un ciel bleu et une superbe vue sur les reflets azurs du glacier.


Peu avant dix heures, on lève le camp et on redescend vers le refuge Grey. On y est en moins d’une heure.
On continue sans s’arrêter direction le refuge Paine Grande. C’est un peu dur pour Kwasi après la mauvaise nuit, le peu de nourriture et plusieurs barres de céréales sont avalées en peu de temps.


Tout en haut de la colline, on mange des crackers avec du thon, c’est bon pour les estomacs de randonneurs apparemment… On reprend la route et on arrive au point de départ vers 14h. On a donc bien marche. On voit plusieurs autres personnes rencontrées hier faire une pause au refuge mais on décide de ne pas s’arrêter.


De la ou on est, on droit marcher 7,6km pour arriver jusqu’au Campamento Italiano aux pieds de la vallée des Français.

Le terrain n’est pas vraiment plat et on en fait que monter et descendre, nos genoux bossent bien! On longe la lac Skottsberg qui avec chaque rafale de vent nous envoie de l’eau.


Deux heures plus tard, on traverse un pont suspendu digne d’un film d’Indiana Jones et n arrive au Campamento Italiano.
C’est la que la pluie se met à tomber et le camp devient tout mouille et boueux. Kwasi en à plein les bottes et me dit que s’il passe une mauvaise nuit, on rentre…

Plusieurs autres trekkeurs sont déprimés et dégoûtés par le mauvais temps.

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