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8th February – The day when really nothing happened

Julie and I have decided to go and do some grocery shopping at the super Market.

Last night we ate two pot noodles each and as we liked it soo much, we’ll do the same today. Since the last time we were here, there wasn’t a supermarket but now we found one called Coco on Jalan Hanoman. It’s cheaper for us to buy bread, water, beer and other things than using the convenience stores.


Going to the supermarket is also good for us as we get a break from reading.


Had lunch at Dewa Warung for 13,000 per person (0.90p) and then had pot noodles again for dinner. It’s not that bad and also it’s 3,000 IDRs per pot (0.20p). The water we drink is what we bought from a a convenient store for 2,500 IDRs, 2,000 IDRs cheaper than in restaurants.

En français:

Encore une journée de bouinage, lecture et de nasi goreng chez Dewa.


Après le déjeuner, on retourne au nouveau supermarché et on achète de nouvelles provisions: des nouilles, de la lessive etc. On se croirait presque à la maison!


Après encore plus de lecture, on mange nos nouilles sur notre terrasse le soir avant de replonger dans nos livres. Oui on sait on fait pitié.

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