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6th February – Chilling in Ubud

Today was one of those days that we didn’t do anything interesting.

I’m finished reading Stieg Larssons second book of the Millennium trilogy (The girl who played with fire) and moved on to the third (The girl whi kicked the hornets nest) and Julie started reading the second book.

We spent the whole day reading and had lunch and dinner at our usual places.

In the afternoon Julie came back from her time at the pool annoyed cos a bus load of Chinese tourists had coke into the hotel/owners home and showed no respect. Taking photos of everything and going into people’s home wearing their shoes. Most Chinese people we have met just don’t have any manners and or don’t care about what they do, it feels like it’s not important to them if they offend or not. It’s crazy, everytime we have encountered Chinese tourists its just they have to do what they want. Why don’t they like rules or show just a little respect. It reminded me of when we were trekking in Nepal and this Chinese tourist grabbed a woman who was carrying a heavy basket of oranges, no please can you stop, she grabbed the basket an pulled the woman. No apologies. It’s crazy. How can that country become the 2nd biggest economy but no frigging respect for anything. Sorry for rant.

BelowNasi Goreng for lunch


We are now four days away from
Kuningan festival on the 11th Feb. This day is believed to be the ascendant day of ancestral holy spirits and deities, back to eternity.

Leading up to Kuningan day, families kill domestic animals such as pig, goat for food the day before Kuningan day. The food is for Kuningan day.

On the Kuningan day 11th Feb, the families visit temples from 9am till noon, in their beat attire bringing offerings. It’s supposed to be spectacular and colourful. new clothes are worn, houses are cleaned, people return to their villages and compounds of houses smell of incences. All rituals must be done before the sun sinks to the west because by then the Gods and Pitara will have returned to their respective Kahyangan or heaven. We are going to make sure we visit two temples during the three hour period to celebrate this special day.

BelowSpider outside our door


Also there is a unique tradition around Galungan day (which we celebrated on our arrival in Bali, 1st Feb) and Kuningan day that is called Barong Ngelawang. This is very popular in Ubud, it’s basically a group of people perform the Barong dance on the street going from one house to the other.

We cannot wait to see Kuningan day. Julie never saw it 5 years ago when she was here at that time as she was very ill, so should be good.

En français:

Aujourd’hui on a décidé de ne pas prendre le scooter et de se reposer, de ne rien faire. Après tout, ça ne fait pas de mal.

Une fois nos petits déjeuners avalés, on se prépare et on quitte l’hôtel vers 11h pour aller à la librairie, Kwasi revend son bouquin et en achète un autre: le troisième Millenium.

Pour le déjeuner, on se pose au Dewa Warung, oui encore!

Ci-DessousNotre hôtel


Dans l’après-midi, je profite de la piscine pendant que Kwasi utilise le wifi.

J’avais remarqué déjà le matin que plusieurs touristes chinois étaient entrés dans l’hôtel et avaient pris des photos et posé dans les maisons de la famille. J’avais trouve ça moyen d’autant que Dewa, un des employés (celui qui nous a loue les scooters) leur demandait si il pouvait les aider et les suivait partout. Et ben, dans l’après-midi c’était la même chose sauf que cette fois ils prenaient des photos de moi puisque j’étais dans la piscine et ils prenaient le bassin! Incroyable!

Plus tard, Kwasi part à la recherche d’un internet café pour utiliser un ordinateur desktop et moi je reste à Sania’s House.


Pour le dîner, on retourne au Warung Lokal juste à côté et je décide de commander quelque chose de différent, kempang goreng. Et je me retrouve avec des frites, ben oui je savais bien que ‘goreng’ ça voulait dire frit’ et que ‘kempang’, ça voulait dire ‘pomme de terre’ mais je m’imaginais un plat cuisiné à base de pomme de terre et tout ça frit dans un wok, ben non!

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