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3rd February – A walk on the wild side, sun burn at Campuhan ridge

It’s a day of some sort of adventure but rudely woken up by our Spanish neighbours. They played music really loud an they sat outside the porch we share in their underwear. I mean we are talking about two Jo Brands or Susan Boyles, letting it all hang out, fag inbetween their fingers and discussing something as loud as possible.

We bought a guide book on Bali and within it is numerous walks you can do in different parts of the country, we’ve decided to do a tour which is 14km.

We are excited about this as it means we actually doing something with our time here rather than laze around doing nothing. Ubud is great for culture as you have museums and temples to see but also it’s got far too many shops and bars for foreigners.

(Below is a picture of an offering you will find outside most Balinese houses every morning)


Bali is also relatively quite small, you can go to from north to south and it will take maybe 7 hrs. Most people get around in privately hired taxis for maybe 400,000 or 500,000 IDRs or you can rent your own scooter for around 40,000 IDRs for a day but you should get one with insurance and this will set you back maybe 45,000 IDRs.

(Below is a Balinese man working on his rice field)


Breakfast was scuffed down, I had my usual omelette with toast and Julie banana pancake. We also buy ourselves extra load of bread from the supermarket to ensure we are full for breakkie.

The walk took us outside Ubud from our hotel, then past Neka Museum and we got to Kedewatan and then Payogan . We had lunch on the way at Karsa Kafe with great views over the rice fields. This took us around 3hrs to complete this circuit. We thought we had got lost as some points but when we saw other foreigners on the trail we knew we were good.

(Below – Julie during our walk past rice fields)


Never realised how hot the sun was until we got back to hotel room and saw Julie’s sun burn. We spent the afternoon relaxing, went into the pool for 20mins and then read.

In the evening went back to Dewa Warung for dinner but yet again, the food took too long and the young boy (8yrs) had made friends was still there an I’ve had enough of him, so has Julie but he comes and talks to us because his mother is always with his stepdad and he’s bored. Decided won’t have dinner here again even though it’s quite cheap.

Didn’t enjoy the food either. On our way back, we bought a loaf of bread and bottle of water for a homeless woman we saw.

Read some more back at the hotel and then slept.

En francais:

On traîne jusqu’à 8h puis on déjeune et on se prépare pour notre première excursion dans les alentours d’Ubud.

(Below – A painter tries to sell us his work including a painted egg)


On marche en ville et on suit la même route jusqu’à ce qu’on arrive au village de Kedewatan. Au passage, on fait un petit arrêt pain au chocolat et jus d’orange histoire d’avoir assez de forces. On passe aussi par le Neka Art Museum, qu’on avait déjà visite, donc à simplement fais un tour.
De Kedewatan, on bifurque pour marcher dans une petite rue. Du coup, on peut voir la vie balinaise d’un peu plus près.

On arrive ensuite au temple Pura Puncak Payogan, qui est fermé, pas de chance. On continue à marcher sur une route qui descend pour traverser une rivière puis qui remonte de l’autre côté.


(Above – The last stretch of walk through the hillside)

Une fois en haut, on arrive sur un plateau avec plusieurs rizières.
On doit demander notre chemin car on n’est plus très sûrs mais finalement on ne s’est pas plantés. On fait une pause déjeuner au point le plus haut avec vue sur les rizières.

Ensuite, on continue le chemin jusqu’à ce que ça devienne une piste au milieu de grandes herbes. Celles qu’ils utilisent pour faire les toits. Après un peu plus d’un kilomètre, on arrive dans Ubud.

Il fait tellement chaud qu’on est bien content d’avoir un piscine dans notre hôtel. On se baigne rapidement car le ciel tourne au noir.

On finit l’après-midi à lire.

Pour le dîner, on retour au Dewa Warung c’est toujours aussi bon mais j’ai fini mon plat quand Kwasi reçoit le sien donc on décide de ne plus y retourner pour le dîner.

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