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14th January – Another day of surfing

We sailed through Friday the 13th without any incidents that would classify as doom.

Found out there are over 60million people in the world who have a phobia of Friday the 13th. The Christians who have a fear of this day is because at the “Last Supper” Judas was the 13th person and also Jesus was crucified on a Friday.


We went to surf at 10am in Weligama and hired a board for 1000 SL rupees. The surf wasn’t great, not as goods the ones we had with Mirka and Corinna.

Spent the whole day there and left for our hotel at 5pm. We had comeback with bruises every where. My toe is sprained and so is Julies wrists, we both have grazed knees but it’s been a very good day.

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Had dinner on the beach again, cheapest dinner so far. We spent 330 SL rupees in total thats £2 between us.
Tried to use the free wifi at Paradise Beach Club by standing in front of their restaurant and pretending to do something.

Tomorrow is our last day in Mirissa before heading to Galle for two days.

En français:

Le programme de la journée est de retourner à Weligama pour faire des progrès sur la planche.

On commande par acheter de quoi manger pour le petit déjeuner puis on prend le bus.
On va au Neptune Resort et on loue une planche pour la journée.


On boit et on mange puis on se jette à l’eau. Les vagues sont moins parfaite qu’il y a deux jours et elle se cassent en deux endroits dont l’un est vachement loin et l’autre trop près de la plage.

On y va quand même pour quatre longues sessions. On fait une pause déjeuner et d’autres pauses lecture et vers 17h, on reprend le bus dans l’autre sens.

On se repose un peu à la chambre avant d’aller dîner.

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