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13th January – A non event on spooky day

What has Friday the 13th got instore for Julie and me?

We woke up around 9am knowing that our friends Mirka and Corinna were gone and by now on their way to Germany. It felt a little empty, Julie and I back on our own again and have to make new friends. The girls were a lot of fun and crazy. Both of them had their own personalities, Corinna is blonde, the quiet one out of the two and Mirka, brunette and bubbly. Very genuine, friendly and kind people. Hopefully they will become our surfing buddies when we get back to Europe.

The slices of bread and Nutella we had for breakfast in our room was not enough for Julie so she enjoyed a banana pancake at Sudu Weli. Went to lay on the sun loungers outside Ocean Moon and read our books.


Had lunch at Club Mirissa and then headed back to the beach. Whilst waiting for our food I suggested to the girl who works behind the travel desk Julie will teach her French and she took Jukie on her offer and was taught a few things. Went for a swim and read, I’m currently reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

We did not see John today so we presumed he had made his way to Galle this morning, he leaves for London in a couple of days time.

Had dinner on the beach again but this time no fish. We ate at a place where they sold very cheap beers and it was quite peaceful, no music but just the sea breeze.

En français:

Rien de prévu aujourd’hui donc grasse mat’ pour nous. Même après notre traditionnel pain et Nutella j’ai encore faim donc on se pose au Sudu Weli pour que je commande une crêpe à la banane.

On se pose sur des chaises longues au Sea Beam et j’avance dans mon livre “Les cerfs-volants de Kabul”.


Pour le déjeuner on va au Club Mirissa car la veille, en attendant Mirka et Corinna, on avait trouve que ça sentait très bon. Je commande des noodles et Kwasi “Rice and curry”, c’est vraiment très bon.

On retourne à la plage un plus tard pour se baigner et il y a de grosses vagues, parfait pour ne pas s’ennuyer dans l’eau.

Pour le dîner, on décide d’aller au Sea Fresh, le restaurant sur la plage qui n’a pas d’étal de poissons. On fait des économies en mangeant du riz et des nouilles sautes. On mangera du poisson pour notre dernier soir…

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