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5th January – Rain, a tooth and Pizza Hut in Kandy

Today is exactly our 4th calendar month of travelling.

Another day of hustling in Sri Lanka. This time we don’t have the guidance of Hatem and have to stand on our own two feet not in Colombo but in Kandy the second largest city in Sri Lanka.

The sound of the alarm at 5:35am was very annoying as we haven’t had a lot of sleep. Be grudgingly had a shower and breakfast before we left. Strange thing was I had asked the previous night if we could have breakfast before 7am and I was told categorically no so to my surprise when I came down, there was this western girl having breakkie before she checked out. So we decided to have breakfast too.


A taxi (instead of a tuk tuk as per request) took us to the railway station to catch our 7am train to Kandy.

Jumped on board this old train, they are definitely older than the ones in India. The seats are leather but a little too straight for the back and the request we made yesterday when buying our ticket to be sat on the right hand side of the train was not granted.

Click here for more photos

Reason why we wanted the right hand side is you have more of a scenery and so it proved to be. Occasionally we looked to the window on our right to see the deep valleys and the terraced rice fields.

It took us three and a half hours to reach Kandy on this bumpy ride. The faster the train went the higher we flew up from our seats. It tossed us around quite a bit, up and down, side to side. We arrived without any bruises and got a tuk tuk to help us find Expeditor hotel we enquired about. In the taxi, the driver kept saying Lonely Planet just takes a lot of money from these hotels and they write good reviews about them. He mentioned there were better hotels in the area for our price range and the hotels recommended don’t provide a good service.

The woman who I presume owns the hotel was very rude and lacked the service that you normally received from Sri Lankans. She was more interested in money than actually us out. She now said, the room has no hot water and it’s in the basement. When Julie went to speak to her as it was her that sent the email, she was busy eating. Yeah that’s right the fat heffer, she doesn’t need to eat, she couldn’t even fit through the door.


We left and our tuk tuk took us to another place where we had to pay a little more than we wanted but it was ok. We didn’t want to search any longer as it was also raining.

We checked into Suisse Riverview guesthouse and then made our way into town by walking around the artificial laketo to see The Temple of the Tooth Relic. In this temple is supposedly to be the tooth of Lord Buddha when he was cremated. It cost 1000 SL rupees per person to get in which I thought was extortionate.

Within this temple were a mixture of people on a pilgrimage or those who had come to take photos and understand the history behind this building.

We spent longer than we wanted to in there as we were tired and hungry but the temple provided us with shelter from the rain.

Pizza Hut was our restaurant for lunch then we went back to the guesthouse and slept for a few hours. Woke up and went to a very posh hotel called Suisse Hotel to have a drink, use their wifi and then ordered some food which wasn’t too expensive. Whilst we sat there, we were serenaded by these singers wearing all black including a black hat.

For the first time we both felt tired of travelling. We want to be able to afford things, live a good life and stop moving around. Its just a phase we will get over it. Walked back to our guesthouse which is a 5 min walk from here and then slept.

En français:

La nuit à été bien courte, trop courte. Le réveil sonne à 5h30 et c’est dur!
Kwasi avait demande à un employé de l’hôtel de réserver un tuk-tuk pour 6h15 et quand on descend, il appelle pour réserver super! Du coup, on a le temps de prendre un petit déjeuner.

À 6h30, c’est finalement une voiture qui vient nous chercher. En dix minutes on est à la gare. On se rend sur la voie 2 et on aperçoit notre train. Il a l’air d’une antiquité, la gare aussi d’ailleurs, on se croirait sur la voir 9 3/4 dans Harry Potter. On avait demandé à avoir des sièges sur la droite dans le sens de la marche car plusieurs guides et blogs les recommandent pour la vue. Eh ben, devinez quoi. On a eu des sièges sur la gauche!

Le voyage passe plutôt vite et même à gauche, il y a des belles choses à voir. Comme en Inde, des que l’on passe dans un tunnel, les jeunes poussent des hurlements, ca ne nous change pas trop.


On arrive à Kandy à 9h30 et on prend un tri-shaw pour aller à la guesthouse qu’on avait réservé. En arrivant, la dame nous dit que la chambre n’a pas d’eau chaude. Il fait quand même beaucoup plus frais à Kandy donc le chauffeur de tuk-tuk nous emmène dans plusieurs autres guesthouses et on choisit de rester à la Suisse View guesthouse pour LKR 2500.

Le temps qu’ils préparent la chambre, je finis mon livre: The White Tiger. Après ça, on descend en ville sous la pluie et on marche jusqu’au temple de la dent sacrée. Il abriterait une dent du bouddha lui-même. Ce temple a aussi été le le lieu d’un attentat en 1998 par les tigres tamils.

Cliquez ici pour plus de photos

Il faut payer LKR 1000 pour y entrer et ce n’est pas très grand. Il y a plusieurs galeries et un temple dans lequel se trouve la dent.
Il y a aussi deux petits musées.
Enfin dehors, il y quelques stoupas, un arbre sacré et d’autres temples.
Le Sri Dalada Maligawa est le temple bouddhiste le plus vénéré du Sri Lanka donc il y avait beaucoup de monde.

En sorte, on est vraiment fatigués et on a faim donc on a décidé d’aller chez pizza
But qui se trouvait à deux pas du temple, comme ça on n’a pas galéré à chercher et en plus ça nous a bien rempli.


Après le déjeuner, on trouve un internet café avec wifi donc on y reste une petite heure.

Et plus tard, on rentre la guesthouse pour se reposer. Et finalement, je m’endors pour plus de deux heures. Moi qui déteste faire la sieste, je suis vraiment dans le colletard.

Après la sieste, on décide de trouver un endroit ou dîner par trop loin. On finit au Suisse Hôtel, le plus chic de la ville car ils ont wifi et des clubs sandwichs à 2,40€!

Après toutes ces séances wifi, j’ai récupéré toutes mes apps, documents, photos, livres et chansons!

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