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4th January – 32C in Colombo

A sleepless night by me, a new country and all. Woke up at 2am and finally nodded off at 4am. Julie was passed out with the fairies.

As there isn’t much to do in Colombo we rested this morning and had a nice breakfast in the hotel.

Our walk this morning took us on Galle road heading towards the world trade centre. We stopped at an authorised Apple reseller store where Julie backed up her iPad to IOS 5.


Walked by the beach where i’ve called it lovers lane as you see boys and girls, mostly teenagers sit on the benches under their umbrellas canoodling and whispering sweet nothings to eachother. We arrived at the train station to reserve our seat to Kandy tomorrow. We leave for Kandy at 7amand arrive at 9:30. We wanted the observation carriage on the train but they were full so had to settle for 2nd class.

We got chicken and rice to eat for lunch at a cafe opposite the World Trade Centre. Julie found it too spicy and her mouth was burning so we decided to go to Coffee Bean inside WTC to get an ice cream to cool her down. Also we wanted to use tier wifi. That’s how it works in Colombo, if you want free wifi, go to a cafe, buy a drink and use the net. Teenagers are also found in there socialising with their iPods, iPads and Mac Pros.

After an hour or so break, we headed to two temples, by flagging down a metered tuk tuk to take us to Seema Malaka temple which cost us 130 SL rupees. A non metered tuk tuk wanted to charge us 250 SL rupees, which we were not paying and when he saw we were interested in the metered tuk tuk he agreed to take us for our ptice of 150 SL rupees, which we still declined.

Seema Malaka is on a lake and guarding the main walls of the temple are sitting stone buddhas. Didn’t count but maybe 30 or so buddhas. It’s free to enter here.


The second temple was Mayagaraya is about 100 meters from Seema Malaka which is the better one out of the two. Julie was only wearing shorts and a vest so she was given a cloth to wrap her lefs abd shoulders.

This temple was incredible, the colour, murals on the walls and the enormous buddhas either standing or sitting were breath taking. This was not what we were exepected at all.

Within this vicinity was also a theatre of sitting buddhas, only way I can describe it, sat in a theatre style row after row and facing us.

We took a tuk tuk back to our hotel for 180 SL Rupees. Julie bought herself some headphones and then we went to watch the sunset by crossing the railway tracks but it wasn’t as great as yesterday’s setting and wish I had taken my shot yesterday when Hatem asked me to.

We waited for Hatem to arrive before we went out for dinner. At 9:50pm, Julie was very hungry and I could see her eyeing my thighs or arms to feed on. We finally left for dinner at 10:30 and had some Chinese food. It was delicious. The crab was divine.

Got back home at midnight and slept.

En francais:

Matinée tranquille avec superbe petit déjeuner à l’hôtel: fruits frais, toasts, jus de fruit, œufs …

Ensuite, on quitte l’hôtel et on marche sur Galle Road, une énorme avenue qui rappelle étrangement les grandes villes américaines.

On passe un Apple store et je décide d’y aller pour faire la mise à jour de mon iPad. Peu de temps après on ressort et mon iPad est tout vide: pas de photos, pas de musiques, pas de vidéos, pas d’apps, rien! J’ai tout perdu… Encore une bonne idée de ma part.


On continue à marcher dans la grande avenue jusqu’à Galle Face Green, un bord de mer aménagé. On arrive ensuite à Fort, un quartier de Colombo avec le World Trade Centre, la gare et tous les grands hôtels.

On va à la gare et on achète notre billet pour Kandy pour demain. Ça fait du bien de ne pas galerer pour un billet de train.

Après ça, on trouve un endroit ou déjeuner sri lankais: du riz et du curry. On a de grosses plâtrées et on mange avec les doigts. C’est bon mais qu’est ce que c’est épicé!

Après ça, on retourne au World Trade Centre et on s’installe dans un Coffee Bean pour encore une fois profiter de leur wifi gratuit. Je récupère certaines apps ainsi que mes achats de musiques et de livres, pas les films.


Après une heure d’Internet, on prend un tri-shaw (le rickshaw sri lankais) pour aller visiter deux temples bouddhistes le Seema Malaka et le Gangaramaya. Le premier se trouve sur le lac et ressemble beaucoup à des temples japonais. Le deuxième est un mélange de temple bouddhiste et hindu. Il y a des bouddhas géants et des collections d’autres objets de cultes incroyable.

On revient en tri-shaw jusqu’à notre hôtel puis je vais acheter des nouveaux écouteurs pour mon iPod.
Un peu plus tard, on retourne au bord de l’eau pour voir le coucher du soleil mais malheureusement c’est couvert et du coup on n’a pas une aussi belle vue que la veille.

On retourne à l’hôtel et on attend des nouvelles de Hatem. On doit le retrouver avec sa femme pour dîner.

Finalement, il arrive seul vers 22h15. Il nous emmène dans un restaurant chinois façon sri Lanka et il commande plusieurs plats: crabes. Crevettes, poulet, riz etc… Tout est bon et je ne suis pas fan de la cuisine chinois d’habitude!

On retourne à l’hôtel vers minuit et on se couche tout de suite car demain réveil très matinal pour notre départ pour Kandy.

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