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2nd January – Passing time on our last day in India

Trying to kill time can be extremely boring and expensive if you know what I mean. You spend time thinking about what you are going to do to ensure you are not bored and end up spending money that you don’t have.

We did our ritual of going to Nautilus for breakfast and the staff are now on a first name basis with Julie. Maybe we come here too often, is 6 times in 3 days too often, I don’t know. We then hanged around in our hotel in the morning watching a movie. The film showing on Star Movies (cable channel) was Pearl Harbour so that kept us occupied till 1pm and also Julie did some hand washing.


The smell of smoke from our room is slowly leaving. We had lit mosquito coils about 3 days ago and it has lurked around for a while now.

Had lunch at Luna Magica on the beach, their portions of food is huge, would definitely recommend it if you have a huge appetite. We then spent 2 hours on the beach where we fooled around a little bit and Julie sunbathed.

Strange thing about this beach is, we share it with cows, yes the mooing type and I think the sun drives them crazy as the jump up an about like bucking broncos. We also witnessed dead fishes on the beaches. One of them being a parrot fish which the crows have been eating the eyes.


After a couple of hours, came back to our room and watched a movie and then headed out for dinner at 6:30. Before eating, went to a book store to exchange a french version of South India by Lonely planet for The girl with a dragon tattoo.

Went into a store where Julie bought some shows, it’s very bright but nice. I bought a tshirt and a present for a friends baby. Out last dinner was had at Nautilus (finale Steak Frites) and then retired back into our hotel to prepare for tomorrow.

En francais:

C’est notre dernier jour en Inde. On prend notre temps le matin avec petit déjeuner au Nautilus.

Pour le déjeuner, on retourne au Luna Magica puis on se pose sur la plage et on va même se baigner.


Plus tard, on retourne a la chambre et on fait nos sacs.

Avant diner, on va sur internet pendant trente minutes pour mettre le blog a jour puis on fait un tour dans un magasin d’échange de livres: on échange le Lonely Planet de Maman contre le tome 1 de la trilogie Millenium.

Ensuite, on se rend dans une des boutiques de notre rue car Kwasi veut acheter un cadeau pour son ami du Sri Lanka qui vient d’avoir un bébé. On rentre dans la boutique qui a des chaussures dans la vitrine et on a la chance de trouver des t-shirts sympas, des boucles d’oreilles fantaisie, des chaussures etc… Pour le bébé, on choisit une sorte de mobile avec des éléphants.

Pour notre dernier diner en Inde, on retourne au Nautilus pour un bon steak frites et une crêpe au Nutella. On dit au revoir aux deux serveurs qui nous connaissant par nos noms maintenant et on rentre a la chambre.

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