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24th December – A day in a canoe on the back waters of Kerala

24th December

Merry Christmas Eve everybody! (From Julie)

Today we take a canoe and float on the backwaters of Kerala.

Didn’t sleep that well. The Mosquitoes were in full flow and so was the noise/music/prayer in the two temples near us. They were loud and I mean loud, louder than standing next to a Ministry of Sound speakers on a Saturday night.

We were shown how to make an Indian breakfast, puri with vegetable curry and chapatti with potato baji.

They were all delicious but Maxime and Jocelyne had their reservations. Our guide for the day came to pick us up, where we took a bus to the nearest junction to his house and then took a auto rickshaw to his house.


We had boiled plantain and masala chai at his place and then got into a canoe to go across the river.

The canoe was tiny and I was a little worried for my camera. It rocked a little bit when anyone moved so I instructed everyone not to move. I could see water seeping into the canoe on the left hand side which made me a little more worried.

To be honest I was not comfortable and got a little bored. Dont get me wrong it was a beautiful serene scenery, you could hear the tapping sound of the paddle hit the water, the occasional hello from kids who run from their houses to greet you but 3hrs doing this was not my thing. Good thing Julie and her family enjoyed it.

During our time in the canoe, Julie spotted a few water snakes which made her panic, made boat sway a little bit to my discomfort but she did do well to keep her composure.


We then returned back to our guides house where we had lunch, more curry and afterwards grabbed a government boat back to Alleppey. The journey took an hour but only cost 5 INRs.

Back at the hotel, we were all tired but made a quick dash out to see what ceremony was on show today. The streets were packed with families enjoying their Christmas break together, men and boys holding hands (not in the gay way), chikdren getting fake tattoos or hena done and also seeing a few street theatre.

We came back after an hour and a bit of seeing the town, had drinks, dinner and slept.

En français:

Ah enfin, on peut faire la grasse mat’. Enfin, c’est vite dit, on s’est donne rendez-vous pour le petit déjeuner a 8h30. La aussi, c’est spécialité keralaises, des petits pains, du curry de légumes et du potato baji. On avait demande a faire un cours de cuisine donc on a assiste a la préparation mais on n’a fait que regarder et rouler un chapati chacun. Décevant…

Ceci dit c’était très bon,, les poori (petit chapatis frits) allaient bien avec le curry.

A 10h30, on part avec un guide prendre le bus local (très interressant, il n’y a pas de fenêtres!) puis un tuk-tuk a 5. On arrive ensuite a son village, on marche pendant dix minutes et il nous offre du chai avec des bananes plantain.


Peu de temps apres, on monte tous dans un canoë traditionel très petit, ce qui vaut quelques fous de rire a la montée. Le guide et un de ses amis pagaient pendant que nous on regarde le paysage sans bouger, sinon ça tangue trop. Apres dix minutes on s’enfonce dans les petits canaux et c’est vraiment super beau. Des eaux calmes, des palmiers et des gens qui vivent la tout tranquilles.

On fait plusieurs pauses “marche” puis on revient a la maison du guide pour le déjeuner. Il nous sert du dahl, du curry de poisson et du riz sur une feuille de bananier.


A 16h30, on prend le ferry direction Alleppey. A cette heure-ci sur les plus grands canaux, on voit toutes les anciennes barges a riz, transformees en maisons flottantes, passer avec des touristes.

Quand on rentre chez Motty, on se repose brièvement avant d’aller faire un tour dans les rues d’Alleppey avec les festivalsen cours,il y a beaucoup d’animation. En fait, il y a des stands installes tout au long des rues et des milliers de gens sur la route. On rentre pour le diner a 19h30.

Encore une fois,nous avons droit a curry de légumes, curry de boeuf avec une autre sorte de petit pain.

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