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12th December – Being James Bond in Octopussy

Our first full day at Udaipur. This is city very modernised, tiny snaked streets, shops selling leather bags and beautiful lakes. I can now see why it’s called the most romantic city in india.

For Julie and I, it reminded us of a cross between Varanasi and Jaisalmer. Varanasi for the ghats on Lake Pichola and the locals bathing and washing clothes in the dirty algae filled lake. It’s not as dirty as the Ganges of Varanasi. Jaisalmer for it’s calmness, tiny cobbled streets and beautiful scenery from the top of our hotel restaurant.

Whilst having breakfast we were approached by an American guy from New York. Cannot remember his name but he was fairly annoying. He talked at us as we ate for a good 20mins. Thought it was rude and some people should have a sense of their environment.


We believe he’s lived a sheltered life cos he was complaining of the poor and being very naive. How he’s made it all the way to India or even survived Mumbai without mummy or daddy is a mystery. We made a conscious effort to avoid him at all cost when we see him again.

We visited the palace of Jaisalmer which is still used for ceremonies and the current king resides in. It is different from most palaces we have visited, as grand as then but architecture different. It had a look of what you would see in fairytales.

Entry cost is 75 INRs and to take a camera is an extra 200 INRs. We decided against not paying for a ticket for camera but will use our eyes, even though Julie took a cheeky photo whilst inside.

After the tour of the palace we went and searched for an ATM, the one next to the palace was out of use so we had to walk 20 mins into the city to get some money. We asked for directions a few times, cars, motorcycles sand auto rickshaws beeped at us or at anyone within 200 metres of it.

Had lunch and chilled on the roof restaurant of our hotel. We also witnessed a wedding procession from the roof of our hotel and saw this as an opportunity to take photos. They marched the bride bad groom to this ghat and the women wore beautiful Sarees.

Oh how colourful this was, every colour of saree you could imagine was worn. It looked like a happy event. I took photos of the kids and then the women. I saw this lady wearing an orange saree, scarf draped across her face, wearing a huge nose ring and the most amazing grey/green eyes. I was mesmerised and reminded me of the famous National Geographic photo of the Afghan girl. Her skin tone and the colour of her eyes made her exquisite.


Oh how I loved her eyes and I could imagine in her younger days how pretty she was and even at this age, she was very pretty. I could only take a photo of her from afar, which was such shame.

Had dinner and relaxed in our hotel room watching a movie called super shark. It’s not the best film in the world.

En français:

Grasse matinée aujourd’hui, on decide de se reposer un peu. On prend ensuite le petit déjeuner sur la terrasse avec vue sur le lac Pichola et le Palace.

La matinee passe très vite car on decide de visiter le Palais d’Udaipur. L’entree pour une fois n’est pas trop chere (75 roupies) mais le ticket pour le droit de photographie coute beaucoup plus (200 roupies)! On decide de ne pas payer et on leur dit qu’on ne prendra pas de photos. On espère secrètement en prendre quelques unes.


La Palais est très grand et se trouve pres du lac. Il a été construit par tous les Maharajas depuis la construction de la ville au 16eme siècle. D’ailleurs, ils ont toujours un Maharaja qui est bien vivant. Cette famille est la dynastie la plus vieille du monde apparemment.
Quand on se promène dans les cours, les couloirs et les chambres, on voit leurs exploits sur tous les murs.
Il y a des gardes partout et des pancartes qui préviennent d’une amende si on est pris en train de photographier sans le ticket! Au final, je ne prends qu’une photo en cachette et c’est seulement pour le blog!

Après le Palais, on part déjeuner au bord du lac au restaurant Jagat Niwas. Il se trouve dans une ancienne haveli rénovée en hotel chic. On s’sintalle dans les alcôves avec coussins et superbe vue sur le lac et les palais flottants.
Si vous avez vu le James Bond Octopussy vous voyez de quoi on parle, tout le film se passe a Udaipur.
Le déjeuner est très bon mais la note est salée, sans doute pour la vue, ils ajoutent beaucoup de taxes et du coup on paie le double de ce qu’on paie d’habitude.


Après le déjeuner en part en quête d’un distributeur car le seul qui se trouve dans le centre est vide. On retourne ensuite dans la vieille ville et on visite les ruelles.

En fin d’après-midi, on retourne a la guesthouse et on essaie de trouver un logement a Mumbai, prochaine étape du parcours.

Du toit, on aperçoit une procession pour un mariage qui s’arrête au temple aux pieds de la guesthouse. Kwasi y va en premier pour prendre des photos. Je le rejoins un peu plus tard pour voir ce qui se passe. Il y a des femmes en sari de toutes les couleurs et les hommes sont avec leurs plus beaux turbans. Les enfants nous ont donne des bracelets fait de grosses fleurs blanches.

On dine sur le toit en regardant Octopussy. Tous les restaurants de la ville montrent ce film tous les soirs a cause des scènes de poursuite dans les ruelles, les palaces et le lac.

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