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10th November – Confusing transport to Bangkok

Happy Birthday Paul!

Today we leave for Bangkok. Pick up from hotel by bus and then sleeper bus from Krabi to Bangkok. That’s a total of 770 km and ticket is 700 Baht each (£14).

Woke up to clear blue skies, boiling hot and the sea was the calmest we’ve seen it since we’ve been here and typically we leave on this gorgeous of mornings.


Had a last swim, sunbathing before we embarked on this 18hr journey.

Breakfast was had at funky fish and we settled hotel bill and got picked up by an air conditioned mini van. We crossed two rivers by ferry with the van and then we were taken to Surat Thani.

This was a little confusing as we were told we are to leave from Krabi but not this place. Krabi was a good 42km behind us.

We arrived around 3:30pm and were told that if we took a mini van now to Bangkok it will cost an extra 300 Baht each and take only 7hrs. Julie, myself and an English girl(Frankie from Kent) we just met and argued with hairy Thai woman that we were told it shouldn’t cost us any more.


Frankie is a petite blonde girl and been travelling on her own for past 2 months with 3weeks to go. Used to work in Marketing for Miss Selfridge. She was going to Bangkok to see the crack and then come back down and spend last 2weeks of her trip in Koh Phi Phi. For such a young girl, she was quite down to earth and not loud.

We declines to pay more to hairy woman and decided to take the sleeper bus at 7:30pm for us to arrive at 5am in Bangkok.

Had lunch around 4pm, pizza for me and Thai red curry for Julie but it looked green. We confirmed if this was red curry the the answer was affirmative. We then returned to where we were dropped off earlier in the day at 5:30 to be driven 5mins down the road to another stop where we were asked to wait for the big bus. We had 2hrs to kill.

Whilst we waited, we played UNO with two German couple, Geli and Chris from Munich. They introduced us to new UNO rules and she seemed a crazy UNO fan, knew too many rules. In the end when our bus came, Julie was leading and we quit playing.

Geli (Angelica) is a tall girl, with short brown hair, maybe 28yrs old and Chris had mousey brown hair, specs and maybe same age as Geli. He didn’t really look German but I think Geli did.

The bus to Bangkok was not busy, it was just the six of us. Julie and I watched Juno and then slept.

En francais:

Aujourd’hui on quitte Koh Lanta pour se rendre a Bangkok. On profite de notre matinée sur l’ile pour lézarder sur la plage et se baigner.

Juste avant midi un minivan vient nous chercher. On doit aller jusqu’à Krabi puis de la on prend un autre bus pour aller jusqu’à Bangkok.

On quitte Koh Lanta par un premier ferry qui nous dépose sur la deuxième ile de Koh Lanta, on dit donc prendre un second ferry pour arriver sur la terre!

On roule pendant un bon moment et je me rends compte que l’on a dépasse Krabi… Bizarre!


Finalement, on est déposes a Surat Thani, ville qui donne sur la cote est de la Thaïlande et qui est le port pour aller sur Koh Samui ou Koh Pha Ngan. On arrive vers 15h45 et on nous dit que le bus n’est qu’a 19h30, pas ce qu’on nous avait dit au départ. On est avec une anglaise et un couple d’allemands donc on n’est pas perdus.

On nous dit qu’un minivan passera nous prendre a 17h30 pour aller a l’endroit ou le bus part. On profite du temps libre pour manger … dans une pizzeria!

A 17h30, il y a bien un minivan qui nous emmène dans la banlieue dans un restaurant perdu. On passe le temps en jouant a Uno avec le couple d’allemands Geli et Christian. Ils ont des règles bizarres pour pimenter le jeu, je suis un peu paumée mais je gagne quand même!

A19h30, un grand bus vient nous chercher, nous, les allemands, l’anglaise et un autre touriste! Autant dire qu’on avait de la place pour dormir! Les transports en Thaïlande sont très difficiles a comprendre: on vous laisse au bord de la route au milieu de la nuit et on ne vous dit rien mais au final vous arriverez toujours a destination….


Dns le bus, on commence par regarder Juno puis on s’endort.

A 1h30, les chauffeurs font une pause nouilles donc tout le monde descend.
On repart 30 minutes plus tard et cette fois je m’installe au fond du bus toute seule pour être allongée.

On arrive a Bangkok a 5h30 et la une horde de chauffeurs de tuk-tuk nous saute dessus, littéralement! On arrive a l’auberge de jeunesse 10 minuts plus tard, j’ai 5000 baht de moins dans mon porte feuille et une carte bleue de moins aussi, bizarre!

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