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30th October – Teaching a novice monk English in Luang Prabang (Day 5)

After last nights torrential rain it was a little cold this morning. We still woke up to rain but it had drifted when we left the hotel to go and volunteer.

There were more volunteers than kids at Big Brother Mouse this morning so we left unable to teach English. A disappointing but we tried.Apparently they only began opening their doors on Sunday’s to kids so maybe they have failed to register it was open.

We left and just chilled till lunch. Got our usual dose of fruit shake (lemon and mint) after lunch, which tastes like Mojito but unfortunately minus the rum.


Walked around a bit and visited a few temples we have not done.We came across a novice monk called Lao who we started talking to and our conversations lead to learning and then I asked him if he had books that we could teach him a little bit of English.

We spent about an hour or so talking and teaching him English. Julie showed him her iPad and you should have seen his face. It all lit up, a smile so wide like the Mekong Delta and just amazed by it. It was a bit like a fat kid seeing cake, or seeing a loved one for the first time after being apart for a while. He loved it, went through a bit of our Chinese photos and took a photo with him using the iPad and he just loved it and said he would like one, so next time we come, we bring one for him. Also he wants to take us to his village when we come back.

I have really enjoyed giving my time to local kids, novice monks and teaching them. I think maybe my next job after travelling or if lucky and I find a job on our travels, it will be about giving back to the local community or starting some sort of enterprise that makes a difference to other people’s life. Not always about the money, it’s about making a difference.


We left him and went back to hotel room. I’m currently struggling creatively with my photography, it’s getting me down a little bit and leaving me very frustrated. Hopefully when we leave Luang Prabang and go into the ethnic minority villages in Muang Sing, I might get inspired again.

So saw this photographers (Paul Wager) photo gallery and it made me think I have a very very long way to go. Yes he has a better camera but he sees things that I don’t see and his photos were absolutely superb and made me think I need to take my time to take photos, not to rush, be alert and think about what I’m taking and why I’m taking it.

In the evening, went back to night market, bought a bag to carry items and had something to eat. We bumped into Claire and Robin (the couple we met on the bus from Vientiane to Vang Vieng). Chatted for a bit and then went back to our hotel.

En français:

Ce matin, on se prépare pour aller a Big Brother Mouse et aider les jeunes a améliorer leur anglais. Malheureusement, il y a plus de volontiaires que d’étudiants. Donc on repart a la guesthouse.

On part un peu plus tard pour déjeuner en ville et ensuite on décide de visiter des temples qu’on n’avait pas encore fait. Donc on s’éloigne du centre et on visite les temples de Wat That.

Sur notre route, on visite une galerie de photos prises par Paul Wager. Il a gagne plusieurs prix de photographie pour ses cliches des minorités ethniques et de paysages du Laos. On en ressort bien inspirés.

Dans le second, on fait la recontre de Lao, un bonze et de son neveu. Après quelques minutes de discussion, il sort ses cahiers d’anglais et on l’aide pendant près d’une heure.
A un moment on lui montre l’ipad et il a adore s’en servir. Il arrêtait pas de dire qu’il en avait besoin. Qua,d on échange nos adresses email il nous dit que si on revient au Laos, on devra lui rendre visite et il nous emmènera dans son village. La seule condition c’est de lui ramener un iPad!


On aime bien passer du temps avec les bonzes ou les jeunes qui veulent pratiquer leur anglais.

On revient a la guesthouse en fin d’après midi avant d’aller prendre des photos du coucher de soleil sur le Mékong.


On dine encor une fois au marche de nuit et pour le dessert, on achete des mini muffins au riz et a la noix de coco. On a lu dans un blog que c’etait très bon, on est moins fan que l’auteur de blog. Mais bon l’important c’est d.avoir essaye. A un moment dans le marche, on rencontre Claire et Robin qui etaient avec nous dans le bus pour Vang Vieng. Eux aussi ont rallonge leur séjour a Luang Prabang.

  1. 17 June, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Thanks for your concerns. We were not actually going to give him an iPad. He kept insisting reason why we made that comment. Before you start calling people fools please reason with the person as you don’t know us.

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