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28th October – Back to eating budget food and no beer in Luang Prabang (Day 3)

After deciding last night we were going to stay in Luang Prabang for an extra 4 nights as we don’t really have anywhere to go as Thailand is flooded, so we will take our time and kill time till 12th November.

I woke up early to go and watch the Alms again and this time, there were a lot of monks forming a sea of orange.

We have also decided to eat in less posh places as we are not behaving like backpackers. I’ve also given up beer for a whole month, will see how long I last.


Went to the market and bought ourselves three plain baguettes (3,000 Kip each), a jar of Nuttella (45,000 Kip) and a smoothies (5,000 Kip each) to wash it down. Left our knife in the room so I used my finger to spread it.

Negotiated a tour to see the a buddhist temple in a cave. We got driver down from 200,000 Kip to 160,000 Kip, I’ve heard people go as low as 150,000 Kip.

Journey to temple was bumpy yo say the least, especially when on a back of a tuk tuk. Negotiated 30,000 Kip for boat man to take us across the Mekong River there an back and spent about an hour looking at this enormous temple built in a cave. There are two temples, the first us the one you can see from afar and the other you have to climb about 60 stairs to the top. In the soaring heat, it can be uncomfortable and sweaty.


The temples are magnificent with thousands of buddhas every where, some are carved with wood or even the horns of elephants.

After the tour, we returned back to Luang Prabang and had something to eat and retired back into our hotel room for a couple of hours to catch our breath.

We visited the night Market again and went the alley way where they cook all kinds of food. You have a choice of piling you plates by having a buffet or eating fish or chicken with rice. I had fish cooked on a bbq, marinated with local Lao spices and Julie had chicken but with different marinade. All of this for 50,000 Kip (less than (£5).

Julie bought another t-shirt after dinner whilst I consumed crepe with banana and nutella. Really good. We then went back, watch Karate Kid and slept.

En français:

Ce matin, je traine. Kwasi, lui, s’est lève pour assister aux aumônes du matin.

On part de la guesthouse vers 10h et on se dirige vers le marche pour chester du pain et un pot de nutella histoire de ne pas dépenser trop en petit déjeuner. On prend aussi un fruit shake. Pendant qu’on mange, on discute avec un conducteur de tuk-tuk et on décide de partir avec lui pour aller aux grottes de Pak Ou.

On roule pendant une heure dont la moitie de tape-cul sur une piste. On arrive ensuite au village de Pak Ou et de la rive on voit la grotte creusée dans la roche.


On prend un petit bateau pour y aller et on commence par explorer la grotte du bas Tham Thing. Les fidèles y ont dépose des milliers de statues de Buddha. Tham Phoum, la grotte creusée plus haut est très sombre et on a besoin d’une lampe torche pour voir les bouddhas.

On redescend, on reprend notre bateau et notre tuk-tuk puis on retourne en ville. On déjeune tard au bord de la rivière Kham et on rentre se reposer a la guesthouse.


On retourne au marche de nuit et on mange du poisson et poulet façon BBQ laotien avec du riz collant. C’était génial, on décide d’y retourner pour nos prochains diners! Très bon marche et délicieux.

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