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21st October – Passing the time in Savan and night bus to Vientiane

What to do today? We have a 9pm bus to catch to Vientiane and nothing to do today. Read more on the BBC app about the capture and killing of Ghadafi and why Aaron Ramsey could be responsible for his death.

Also slightly worried about floods in Thailand and how we will navigate our way from the north to south. We might have to fly straight to the south and hit the beach for two weeks and then fly to Kathmandu.

Stayed at hotel till 12pm checkout and went back to Steak in Savana to have lunch. Played two games of UNO to kill time.


Met a monk and he asked me to join him at his temple, he was also willing to speak to Julie and gave us a tour of the temple, talking about why he was here, not sure what he wanted to do after school and we talked about what we were doing. He chose this route because he was being a nightmare for his parents and was going the wring route so chose this lifeto improve his life.

Maybe this should be introduced to kids in the UK to turn their lives around and realise things are not free, you have to work hard for them. Took some photographs of him and the temple, really enjoying my photography and getting a lot of inspiration from meetings with the monks.

We met an adventurous French guy called Manu who seems to be travelling around the world his own way. When we met him, he was canoeing down the Mekong and some days it took him 92km. He seems a lot of fun and in good spirits.

Got to the bus station around 8:10 and couldn’t find our ticket. Try explaining it to a Lao man who doesn’t understand and firstly doesn’t give two hoots what you have to say. Bought another ticket for 110,000 Kip (£11).

Jumped onto this colourful bus painted like a fantasy art, with a woman and other mystical figures on it, maybe a scene from Avatar.

On such journeys you are always alert of people who are going to sitting next to you, try to determine the snorers, farters and stinky eaters. Think I’m getting good at spotting them the more I take this type of transport.


Started to sleep on journey and should have known at some point they will stop, and once they stopped and switched light on, i was wide awake and struggled to go back to sleep.

Listened to some country music – Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Big n Rich and Faith Hill which kept me ticking through the evening whilst Julie was fast asleep. This girl can sleep anywhere, very jealous. Yeeeeehaaaaaa

En français:

Aujourd’hui, onrend notre temps, notre bus n’est qu’a 21h!

On se lève, on prend notre petit déjeuner tard et on s’occupe du blog. Pour déjeuner, on retourne au Steak in Savan et on y passe l’apres midi a regarder passer les gens et jouer a Uno.

En fin d’après-midi, on est invite par un bonze a visiter son temple. Il nous fait faire un petit tour et nous parle pour améliorer son anglais. Il raconte qu’il a 17 ans et qu’a 20 ans, il choisira si il veut devenir moine. Il dit que ça lui a change la vie car avant il n’écoutait pas ses parents et faisait des bêtises.

Après notre visite, on retourne a la guesthouse et on fait la connaissance de Manu, un français de la Rochelle qui voyage lui aussi pendant un an, il a fait Madagascar, Nepal, Inde et la il descend le Mekong en Kayak!


On dine a la guesthouse en regardant The Golden Compassion en laotien.
A 20h, notre tuk-tuk vient nous prendre et nous emmene a la gare routière.

Et la, grosse panique on ne trouve plus les billets! Je ne les ai pas, Kwasi non plus… On va vite voir au guichet une première fois pour en acheter d’autres et ils disent ‘no tickets….’, on va voir les assistants de bus (des jeunes qui aident pour les bagages, la distribution d’eau, les couchettes etc…) et ils nous Kent au nez en disant ‘no ticket’, nous on rigole beaucoup moins.

Je retourne au guichet et la comme par magie il me sort deux tickets tout remplis avec le noms de personnes qu’on ne connait pas. On s’en fiche, on les prend… Et ça marche!

A 21h10, le bus VIP pour Vientiane quitte Savan. Notre bus est décore comme vous n’avez jamais vu. D’abord, il y a les peintures sur l’extérieur du bus, genre de fresque multicolore. Ensuite, il y a les rideaux, les mini rideaux, les couvertures et l’éclairage a l’intérieur! On se croirait dans une boite de nuit…


En ce qui concerne les couchettes, ce n’est pas du tout comme en Chine, ce sont juste des sièges qui s’incliner beaucoup, un peu comme en business dans les avions. Au départ, on trouve ça plutôt bien mais après plusieurs de trajet, on a super mal aux genoux. Ce n:est pas du tout confortable. On s’arrête a Tha Khek un peu avant minuit puis on file jusqu’à Vientiane.

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