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17th October – On the way to Stung Treng

5am start for us as we are attempting to get to Strung Treng to cross over to Laos the day after, so a 4:30am get up. Got ready and packed. Waited for bus till 5:30 before bus arrived.

We met two english guys Will and Jacob and a Scottish guy called Paul on the bus and we all travelled to bus station.

Accidentally got breakfast when we reached the bus stop as I was served rice with pork, chicken and liver. Didn’t look too good and ate a little. I didnt ask for this, because i sat down next to Will who was eating one they just shoved a bowl in my face. It was a dollar so couldn’t complain. Julie had some sort of fried pastry, she didn’t like it either.

Waited around till 8:30am before bus left and this is to our annoyance as we wanted an early start and get to Cambodia border with Laos around early evening. The other guys had to cross the border to Laos before it shuts at 6pm.

Had an old lady sat behind us, who kept clearing her throat and coughing, which made the both of us want to vomit. So immediately put our iPods in to drown out the noise she was making and also the Karaoke music being played.

The Cambodians love their Karaoke, its not like they sing to it, they watch it and play this awful music very very loud and at some point Paul had to tell them to turn that shit down. We couldn’t even hear our own music on the iPod.

The journey was longer than we thought as we had breaks and also switch buses. I think it would have been shorter if we didn’t have a break every hour or so. We arrived around 7:30, 11hr bus journey with the worlds worst Karoake music. Do Cambodians have the weakest bladder on earth?

RECOMMENDATION: if you are going to travel long distance by bus in southeast Asia, try and pay a little more an get an express bus not a Sorya bus as it will stop every 5mins and also add another 2hrs to whatever your guesthouse or someone has told it’s going to take.

Arrived in Stung Treng and Will’s backpack has been left on another bus in a town where we had to change buses. Luckily for him the bus company confirmed thy have backpack so he has to stay an extra day in the middle of nowhere to receive his stuff.

Went to RIVERSIDE hotel and it was $5 for the night but the room absolutely stunk, it was damp and the sheets were wet and damp too, so we decided not to stay and found another one STUNG TRENG Guesthouse which was a little more better and didnt mind paying a few more dollars for a cleaner room.

At this point we had acquired one more guy from US called Keith, a little older and a little extravagant. He had a     big 1850s moustache the curls at the end, not sure if he did it as a dare but looks different as there is no hair on the head apart from the huge moustache. We all had dinner and then retired to our so called hotels.

En français:
Lever a 4h30 pour être a 5h en bas et prendre notre bus qui part a 5h30.
Le trajet doit durer 8 heures mais une des filles de la guesthouse nous dit de compter 10.

A 5h30, personne n’est venu nous prendre, ça commence bien!

On part de la guesthouse a 5h40, on s’arrête deux ou trois fois en chemin on sait pas pourquoi et on arrive a la gare routières 6h. La n change de bus et on attend deux et demie avant de partir! Donc ça fait trois heures en retard.

On s’arrête une heure plus tard, pour que les locaux puissent manger, des fois qu’ils n’aient pas pu en attendant trois heures a la gare routière! On s’arrête a nouveau trois hures plus tard pour une autre pause-déjeuner.
A 14h, on arrive a Kompong Cham (même pas la moitié de notre trajet) et on change de bus en moins de 5 minutes pour une fois!

Depuis le premier bus jusqu’à la gare routière, on est avec plusieurs anglais, Jacob et Paul qui voyagent ensemble après leur année en Australie et Will qui voyage tout seul. On va tous au Laos, sauf que nous on s’arrete avant la frontière et que eux continuent, Will jusqu’à Don Det et les autres jusqu’à Vientiane (24h de bus).

On s’arrête encore plusieurs fois pour des pauses-repas et le bus est presque vide quand on arrive a Stung Treng aux alentours de 19h! Oui, on devait arriver vers 15h30…

Will, Paul and Jacob sont toujours dans le bus et on a aussi Keith, un américain qui a une moustache de compétition, qui décide de ne pas descendre a Kratie mais de continuer avec nous car il veut aller au Laos.

Quand on descend a Stung trend, tut le monde descent aussi. Comme on le pensait, la frontière est fermée donc ils doivent tous rester a Stung Treng. Et le pauvre Will a laisse son sac dans le bus a Champong Cham! On achete nos billets pour Don Det, une ile dans la région des 4000 îles au Laos, Keith décide de faire pareil.

Tout le monde va a la guesthouse qui est recommande dans le guide mais comme Kwasi et moi décidons de ne pas rester: la chambre pue l’humidité, les draps sont moites, la salle de bain est minuscule et sale. Keith décide de nous suivre, il ne fait que ça depuis Champong Cham. Il n’a pas de guide et ne sait pas ou aller donc il nous colle. Les aures anglais restent et nous trois partons trouver notre deuxième choix de guesthouse. Ca nous plait donc on prend la chambre, ben forcement Keith reste aussi! Et il nous suit aussi pour diner avec les autres. Il est pas drôle et il est vraiment lourd a ne parler que de lui donc le diner ne dure pas très longtemps. On est tous crevés du trajet de toute facon.

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