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7th October – Mekong Delta Day 2

An early morning (6am) for us  as we had to get up early to see the floating Market on the Mekong Delta with the group we arrived with in Can Tho.

We arrived at the market at 8am and it was relatively empty with just a few boats doing a bit of business. This was very very disappointing. RECOMMENDATION: if you are going to see the biggest floating Market in the Mekong Delta, it’s best to get there between 6am and 7am as that’s when the waters are busy with local vendors trying to do business. The waters are the wholesale markets and people buy in bulk. All boats have a mast with the item they are selling hanging on this mast so from far away if you are looking to buy pineapples, you can see which boat to approach. The buyers then take this to the Market on land to sell.

After the Market we then went to an orchard to view fruits and flowers grown by th locals. The locals live off gardening so if it’s flowers, fruits or plants, they will sell it.

After this trip we went back to Can Tho to have lunch around 11am. Food was ok but Julie want happy with hers as her noodles has been deep fried so they were like crisps.

The bus then dropped us off at the hotel for us to pick our bags and then we travel on to the nearest town to the Cambodia border called Ha Tien. Our bus was at 3pm and it was only 12noon so we decided to get this ticket changed and take an earlier bus at 1pm, whuch we managed to do.We first took a 4hr bus journey to a town called Rach Gia and then another 2hr bus to Ha Tien.

The arrival in Ha Tien is bit scary like most Asia countries when you arrive in the middle of the night. You lose your bearings and you want to get to your hotel ASAP. There arena taxis around and we had to rely on two motor cycles to get us to our hotel. Strange you have to trust someone you know nothing about and hope they are kind hearted not to take you somewhere they will rob you or even worse.

We both sat behind our motor bike drivers uncomfortably and they took us to our hotel. The cost of journey for 1km was 40,000 vnd each, which is very expensive but because it was soo late, we were in no mood to argue and didn’t think we had a choice but to take them.

We checked in at hotel 150,000 vnd per night (less than £5)and went to eat dinner on a floating restaurant which was great. They served us beers with blocks of ice which we know we shouldn’t be having so not to offend them we discreetly threw them into the river hoping mo one saw us. During the meal they asked if we wanted more ice and I said no, so didn’t get any and Julie also said no but don’t think waiter heard so he put it into Julies glass which at this time was full of beer, oh how we laughed, Julie almost in tears and me looking down as didn’t want to see her face, which would have made my laugh worse. Julie used her chop stick to take the ice out (ice had hole in middle) and threw it back into the river.

After dinner we went back to hotel and slept.

En français:
Çe matin, réveil a 6h pour aller voir le marche flottant de Cai Rang a Can Tho.

On y arrive a près 8h et on pense que c’est trop tard car il n’y a pas beaucoup de bateau ou de marchandise, mais comme on fait partie d’un tour on ne pouvait pas vraiment y faire grand chose.

Le truc sympa de ce marche est que chaque bateau ne vend qu’un seul produit et pourvoir ce que la bateau vend et ben ils mettent un article au bout d’un mat. En gros, si tu vois une citrouille au bout d’une tige de bambou ben c’est que le bateau vend des citrouilles.

Après le marche, on reprend le bateau pouraller visiter un verger, pas rassurant pour moi après mon expérience de la vieille… On a le droit a une dégustation de fruits frais: ananas, mangue, papaye (pas terrible du tout), dragon fruit (pas terrible non plus). On repart en bateau pour aller jusqu’a un resto ou je commande des ‘fried noodles’ et je me retrouve avec des nouilles frites donc très croquantes comme des chips.

On nous dépose ensuite a l’hôtel et on se dépêche de changer de bus car on a de l’avance. Au lieu de partir a 15h, on peut partir a 13h.

On prend notre bus qui nous dépose a Rach Gia trois heures et demie plus tard. La, on acheté notre billet pour Ha Tien et on attend une heure pour pouvoir partir. Ca tombe bien j’avais très faim!

A 17h30, on part dans un mini bus plein a craquer et on a même du mal a caser nos sacs. Sur la route, on passe des petits villages au bord de l’eau et on voit qu’il y a des éclairs dans le ciel. On arrive a Ha Tien deux heures plus tard et il fait nuit noire. A notre arrivée, une. Horde de moto taxi courant après le bus. Idealment, on vudrait une voiture taxi mais on n’en trouve pas donc on se resoud a prendre chacun un scooter. Le chauffeur prend notre gros sac entre ses bras devant et on a notre petit sac a dos dans le dos. On n’étaient pas trop rassures. Mais finalement on arrive sains et saufs a l’hôtel. On paie moins de £5 pour une grande chambre avec clim et salle de bain.

Après s’être installes, on part s’aventurer dans le centre ville. Il ne dpit pas ya avoir beaucoup de touristes dans le coin car tout le monde se retourne sur notre passage. On choisit de diner sur un bateau et nous sommes les seuls clients.

On rentre a l’hôtel un plus tard pour organiser notre passage a la frontière avec le Cambodge.

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