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4th October – Night train to Saigon

Woke up early at 5:30 to go and see the fishermen bring the catch of the night but it was pouring down yet again so we decided to get a few hours of snooze before our epic 15hr train journey to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). We are a bit apprehensive about visiting Saigon as we’ve been told to watch out for thieves, it’s a busy and crazy place.

Waiting for Saigon Train at Danang Train Station - Danang, VietnamWe got to station by a car arranged by the hotel and Julie sourced some rice and chicken for us to eat, which was ok. It was street food and I am a bit cautious when it comes to eating street food when I don’t have a hotel to go to or have to take train for 15hrs and last thing you want is the shits. Stomach stayed settled.

We shared our berth with a couple for the first part of the journey and they were quite touchy feeling and thought they could hear Barry White music and they were gonna do the deed, but they didn’t thank God. Julie and I played 3 games of UNO which I have to say I kicked her butt twice, one game lasted just 12 rounds (no contest) but she kicked mine too in her win.

Once the couple got off, we had two people join us, an old guy and a young girl. They seemed pretty nice and the old guy snored like a bitch (I hate snorers), so iPod was in the ear listening to Joe and other compilations throughout the whole night to block out the snorer. Slept a bit, so was quite happy.

En français:

Aujourd’hui, on n’a pas grand chose a raconter.

Donation for miserable people - Danang, VietnamOn avait mis le réveil tot pour aller voir le marche aux poissons mais il pleuvait encore donc ça devait forcement être inonde!

On s’est recouche puis a 11h on a pris une voiture pour aller jusqu’à Danang. On avait un train de nuit qui partait a 13h30 pour aller jusqu’à Saigon. A la gare, je pars en mission trouver a manger pendant qu eKwasi surveille les sacs. Je reviens après 10 bonnes minutes avec deux portions de riz avec trois bouts de poulet. On a un peur car c’est de la street food et c’est pas la plus “hygiénique” des cuisines donc on se dit que si c’est mauvais et ben on est mal barres pour nos 15 heures de train! Résultat: c’est très bon et notre estomac s’est bien tenu.

On a commence la voyage avec un couple, puis après 4 heures ils sont descendus et on a partage avec un vieux Vietnamien et une jeune vietnamienne. Forcement, le vieux a ronfle, mais genre super fort!

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