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23rd September – still in China

Didn’t sleep much on sleeper bus, I think one hour sleep out of 10. The whole bus finally got woken up by an inspector checking passports, then bus driver drove for about 20 minutes and we had to get off at Hekou. We have arrived at the border 2 hrs early so had to way around till 8am to cross.

Julie thought she would not be let out as she didn’t have a departure train/bus/plane from china. She made it and we finally crossed the river over to the Vietnamese side. I ran over to Vietnam.

Well I have to say we are very pleased to leave China, had some good times but the things that stood out for me were, they spat everywhere and just couldn’t deal with that. Eveywhere I went they stared or wanted a photo. Also their manners were a little to be desired, I’m sure they are great people when you get to know them but just wasn’t my cup of tea. It’s the experience I was looking for and I got it, so cannot moan too much. Whenever anyone spat or made that grotesque clearing their throat noise Julie and I said – let it out, get it out of your system, better out than in.

Let’s see what Vietnam has to bring.

En français:

A 5h, un mec habille en policier vient dans le bus et demande a voir nos passeports, on lui laisse et il revient 5 minutes plus tard, on ne sait pas trop pourquoi… Après cet arrêt, les Chinois descendent au compte goutte. Enfin vers 6h, on nous hé encore une fois au milieu de nulle part dans la nuit. Kwasi trouve un taxi et demande ou se trouve le poste frontière. Ça va c’est juste au bout de la rue. On se pose sur les marches car ça n’ouvre qu’a 8h. En attendant, on voit les gens balayer la rue, les rats se remplir la panse etc…
A 8h on est trouais en dans la file d’attente. Le douanier passe un certain a examiner toutes les pages de mon passeport mais au final la Chine me laisse partir. Après avoir quitte le territoire chinois on doit traverser un pont puis on arrive a la frontière Vietnamienne.

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