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15th september – Xi’An to Luoyang

Chinese lantern in Yangshuo

Woke up late today as we had nothing planned to do and checked out at 12noon. With the toilets not being clean, we tried going to an international hotel to do what nature intended we do but the damn toilets were closed.

Writing at the moment from hard seat train from Xian to Louyang and the train totally stinks. Made a mistake by wearing flip flops as they are spitting everywhere, we near the toilet so can smell the shit and flues flyin everywhere. So imagine, poo smell, bad breath, people constantly clearing their throat, flies everywhere, smoking on train and smell of their food, the mixture is toxic. Don’t mean to be a moaning bitch but l cannot wait to get out of China. People are still staring at me and been on this frigging train with them for 2hours now and you think he novel of seen a black man would have worn off.

Julie and I watched Due Date on her iPad, funny film but didn’t want to laugh too loud as I might scare them. Most people on train ate noodles, couple in front of us jus stuffed their faces with weird shit, I think she was eating baked beans in a can that was similar to red bull can.

Did get chatting to a Chinese lady called Shirley who was looking to be a lawyer and told her my name was Michael. She seems quite nice and chatty and by chatting the her, the people on rows behind, beside and in frotn of us were interested to know what she was saying to us so more attention. Glad train was only 5hrs long for 55Yuan, the smell was unbearable. The countryside looked green and fertile but skies were grey(typical china really).

Arrived at Luoyang station and tried to get taxi, did some haggling, walked out of of one as he wanted to charge us 30 Yuan to hostel, the taxi we took charged 15Yuan.

Arrived in Hostel and it seems ok, smells like damp and like China. Had a pizza and about to go to sleep, it’s been a very long day.

En francais:

On quitte l’auberge a midi pour prendre notre train direction Luoyang. On avait pris des billets hard Seattle a 5 euros pour quelques 1200 km et on n’a pas été déçus. On s’est retrouve dans un wagon degueu, puant le pet, les toilettes, la bouffe et plein de mouche. On est dix par rangées, faut bien caser toute ce monde! Et on ne peut même pas caler nos sacs sur les porte bagagesau dessu de nous car ils voyagent tous avec d’énormes sacs, genre ceux avec lesquels j’ai déménage a Lyon. Les gens dans le train n’ont fait que manger pendant 5 heures, des nouilles, des graines, des saucisses, des trucs bizarres en boites. Kwasi papote avec une fille qui apprend le Chinois a des étrangers et du coup leur discussion attire tous les gens dans notre wagon. On arrive donc a Luoyang après plus de 5 heures de train, encore une fois c’est difficile de trouver un taxi, on monte dans un premier qui veut nous faire payer 30 yuan alors que l’auberge recommande 10 yuan. Au final on trouve un chauffeur qui accepte de nous emmener pour 15 yuan. On arrive devant l’auberge, on a très peur de ce qu’on va trouver a l’intérieur. Au final c’est mieux qu’à Xi’An mais pas le top non plus. On mange a l’auberge et on essaie de s’organiser pour les prochains jours. En parlant avec la fille de la réception, on se rend compte qu’il a beaucoup plu et du coup les grottes Longmen, qu’on est venu voir sont fermées au public pour inondation, génial! On verra demain si ça rouvre, sinon on essaie de booker un bus longue distance pour Guilin au Sud de la Chine, on verra.

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