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13th September – Shanghai

Kwasi on sleeper train to Xi'An

The next day, we try our first laundry and even with Chinese instructions we got there. After we meet Florian for lunch who recommends a place to fix Kwasi’s camera, which keeps having shutter problems. We stay a good hour if not more in the Canon stall (whether it was a real one or not, no one knows) and Kwasi is like a kid in a candy shop, he is so excited about all the shiny, new and expensive accessories. We leave 920 yuan poorer for the work on the camera, a battery for the remoe control, a CPL filter and a 8Go memory card! After a break a the hostel, with one trip to the Radisson hotel to use their lovely toilets, we take off for Xi’An in a sleeper train, a first for Kwasi! We share the berth with two Chinese guys who eat sticking dry fish but are quite quiet.

Well the sleeper train was quite interesting. Julie and I managed to get a soft sleeper carrying 4 beds per berth and I occupied one top bunk and Julie the other. Well this was a nightmare journey. Shared this berth with two Chinese guys and lets say hygiene and bad smells wasn’t a problem for them. Just as we left Shanghai, one of them opened a smelly stinky disgusting dried fish, oh my oh my stunk the whole cabin out and then we had to close the doors and fishy breath let one rip, with no fresh air coming into the room, could have died or vomitted or both at he same time. It was suffocating, my throat was tightening up and couldnt escape.The other dude also kept going out for a fag so you can imagine the smell he brought back into the room.

As anyone who has shared a bed with me, I don’t do snorers as I’m a light sleeper. Well fishy breaths mate fell asleep and started snoring (throughout the whole journey) and it even woke Julie up, who is normally dead to he world. Prob got 2 hrs sleep out of this 14hr journey. Horrible horrible journey. I even had a dream I had poured water over him and he asked who did that. If I wasn’t scared of Chinese prisons, I would have happily peed on this guys from my top bunk, yes it would have been warm but would have done it.

So I went to sit outside the berth at 6am and everyone was up and running about but wish I hadn’t.Obviously this is the moment they clear their throat and phlegm flying everywhere. Everyone was clearing their throat, what’s wrong with people? It felt like they were competing for gold for the biggest or disgusting phlegm(they do realise the olympics are over).Do they need to be this filthy and backwards? It’s put me off my breakfast.

En francais:

Le lendemain, on fait notre première lessive (8 yuan, ça pourrait être pire, 80 cents) puis on rejoint Forian a son boulot pour un dernier déjeuner ensemble. Après ça on file a Sanye, un endroit près de la gare ou il y a beaucoup de magasins de photos. On s’arrête au premier stand Canon (on n’est pas sûr que c’était un vrai mais bon. Après une heure et demie d’attente, l’appareil revient presque tout neuf, en gros Kwasi, le mec nous dit que tout est sale et que le declencheur est bloque. Kwasi,n’a jamais été aussi heureux que dans ce magasin, il est comme un gamin dans un magasin de bonbons. Il demande le prix de chaque accessoire et craque sur un filtre CPL, pas trop sûre a quoi ça sert mais bon on verra a Xi’An. Moi, je me racheté une carte mémoire, ça vaut le coup même si la encore je ne sois pas sure que ce soit une vraie. Je l’ai essaye et ça marche mais bon… On Renée a l’auberge, on s’acheter de quoi grignoter et on fait un petit tour par l’hôtel Rzdisson pour utiliser leurs toilettes c’est toujours mieux qu’a l’auberge ou dans les trains! On prend un taxi pour la gare et on arrive dans notre couchette pour le départ a 19h10. C’est une grande première pour Kwasi et on est rassure de voir qu’il tient dans la couchette. Bon certes, on partag avec deux chinois qui mangent du poisson sèche qui pue mais c’est plutôt version grand luxe en soft sleeper!

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