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Leaving Adecco

Today I (Julie) finished work at Adecco after 4 years.

The day started well, I booked taxi to get to work as I was carrying heavy stuff. As I was getting the bags from the floor, my work trousers cracked right in front of the taxi driver so I quickly changed to the only pair of trousers left jeans. Then the taxi driver decides to take Piccadilly even if some road signs say ‘AVOID’. We spent 25 minutes which meant that I arrived at my last day of work late and wearing jeans….

The day got better when I discovered that my lovely colleagues wrapped my desk in newspaper and decorated the office with embarrassing photos of me stolen from my Facebook page! Have a look below….









They even had all the flags of the countries we are visiting in the order of visit!




As soon as I managed to sit down, I received a nice French breakfast: croissant et chocolat chaud.

And for lunch almost the whole team went to Vapiano for soma pasta, pizza and salads.

And before leaving, I received a giant ‘sorry you’re leaving card’ with an iTunes voucher and a new purse to replace my horrible, pierced, old one.

Thanks team! And thanks to the office fairies who spent time after hours decorating 😉

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